TMBA 186 (LBP154) – How Profitable Niche Selection Really Works: Rip Pivot and Jam Redux

This week Dan and Ian are back in Saigon and are pumped to bring you this episode that’s chalked full of actionable methods and business frameworks.  The Rip, Pivot and Jam is one of the fellas’ favorite business concepts so this episode is dedicated to helping you get the most from it.

Running a business is all about selecting a market, analyzing that market’s potential then taking directed and purposeful action to execute.  Lots of people are too busy making things too complicated to bring it back to basics.  Tune in to this episode where you’ll hear Dan and Ian’s tried and true process for maximizing the Rip, Pivot and Jam framework for next venture.

All About Turkey Thermometers

  • The $100,000 question that will save you years of floundering and confusion in an industry.
  • Why you don’t have to be that smart to use the Rip, Pivot and Jam framework.
  • The exact steps you can take for putting Rip, Pivot and Jam to work for you.
  • Why good ideas aren’t valuable… and what you should be focusing on instead.
  • How turkey thermometers are useful in business, or at least in taking temperatures.


Just The Tips

The Jam
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Episode length: 27:57

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