TMBA358: Is All Property an Investment Opportunity?

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As many of you know, Dan and Ian have recently been exploring the subject of investing in properties – and the many reasons for, and motivations behind, buying real estate. It’s now been a few months since Ian purchased his place in Austin, Texas and he is still trying to wrap his head around what it means to be ‘a homeowner’.

This week, he decided to reach out to Rob Dix and Rob Bence, who have both been investing in properties in the UK for almost a decade. They also run a business finding and managing properties for others, as well as hosting a podcast about property investments called The Property Podcast.

On this episode, “the Robs” share with Ian why people might want to invest in property, some of the archetypes of those who do and their general feelings on the future of housing market.


Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • Why there is a general assumption in the US and UK that property is a good investment. (3:54)
  • Some archetypes of people who are looking to invest in the housing market. (10:42)
  • What the Robs think about Ian’s recent purchase. (18:01)
  • The differences between investing in businesses and investing in property. (33:03)
  • Some tips on how to purchase property under market value. (36:23)

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