TMBA524: Who Do You Think You Are?

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Some entrepreneurs have a secret.

Adopting a pseudonym, or a “pen name”, is a common practice on the internet.

Even one of the hosts of this show, Dan Andrews, has been using a pseudonym for many years.

Some people do it because their name is difficult to pronounce, others are worried about being stalked, or because they want to improve their Google rankings.

We’ve also spoken to people who regret having taken a “fake identity”, and believe it has started to adversely affect their lives.

In today’s episode, you will hear from several entrepreneurs who have adopted pseudonyms as they share the reasons why they chose to do it, the pros and cons of taking on a pseudonym, and much more.



Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • Why some entrepreneurs are happy with the pseudonyms they’ve taken. (2:34)
  • How a pseudonym can cause problems as your business grows. (5:30)
  • Why one entrepreneur wishes he never adopted a pseudonym. (7:22)
  • Why Dan chose to use a pseudonym. (8:46)
  • How adopting a different identity can have a negative effect on the psyche. (15:37)


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