TMBA395: Should You Quit Full-Time Entrepreneurship?

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One of the dichotomies that Dan and Ian often address on this show is the difference between being an entrepreneur and having a job.

Today’s podcast is going to cover a rather taboo subject in some entrepreneurial circles: making the decision to stop being an entrepreneur and go back to the daily grind of a 9-to-5.

Anna Wickham is a former TropicalMBA intern, who traveled the world for nearly ten years and eventually started her own marketing agency.

Over the last year or so Anna has been feeling the pressure to remain an entrepreneur, even though she was questioning whether it was really the best fit for her.

In this episode, Anna opens up to share her fears and hesitations about the entrepreneurial life, and why she ultimately decided that it wasn’t healthy for her to keep pursuing it full time.


Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • What made Anna originally decide that she wanted to live a nomadic lifestyle. (7:05)
  • The struggles that Anna faced in growing her agency. (11:35)
  • When Anna started doubting whether she wanted to be an entrepreneur. (13:17)
  • How Anna feels about “resume gaps”. (21:18)
  • Why deciding to get a job doesn’t mean that you aren’t an entrepreneur. (27:25)

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