TMBA 661: The Rewards Of Challenging Assumptions

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‘Rip, pivot and jam’ is a recurring theme on this show. It’s a way of overcoming the pressure of needing ‘the best business idea ever’ by taking a model that’s working elsewhere and applying it in another field. And that’s exactly what today’s guest Justin Tan did when he founded his productised video editing service Video Husky.

Through his previous freelance career in Facebook advertizing, Justin had seen the growing importance of video creation as a marketing tool. And Russ Perry’s unlimited graphic design model at ‘Design Pickle’ inspired him to try that approach for clients who need regular video editing.

Justin talks to Dan about the challenges and rewards of building, and recently ‘retiring’ from Video Husky over a four year period:

“The key thing is being able to accept when your assumptions are wrong, ideally quickly, and moving on from them versus – I would hold on to certain key assumptions for the longest time, even though they weren’t true. And so what I found was really helpful was getting in front of a lot of customers”.

Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • How running a Shopify store in his teens prepared Justin for finding talent in the Philippines
  • Letting go of trying to fill the knowledge gap and focusing on the efficiency gap
  • Lessons learnt from a staff rebellion
  • Thoughts on working with a General Manager

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