TMBA492: The Re-Readables: Rich Dad Poor Dad

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Recently, Dan and Ian have been revisiting some of their favorite books on this podcast in a recurring series that we’ve called “The Re-Readables.”

This week, we are digging into an entrepreneurial classic suggested to us by our friend, author, and frequent guest on this podcast, Kyla Gardner of

That book is Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad. In it, Kiyosaki basically suggests that if you want to be rich and successful, you’ve got to ditch the middle-class mindset.

Kyla joins us to discuss some of the controversial opinions in this book, which ideas have aged the best, which have aged the worst, and much, much more.


Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • The six lessons that the book suggests that the middle class doesn’t know. (7:49)
  • Which parts of the book have aged the best. (13:32)
  • What ideas in the book have aged the worst. (23:42)
  • Why Robert’s system doesn’t work for everyone. (33:56)
  • Which concepts from the book will still be relevant twenty years from now. (40:01)

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