TMBA468: “Allowing Myself To Dream That Big”

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Dan and Ian have encountered many entrepreneurs in their travels, from all walks of life.

They first met today’s guest back in April at our annual Dynamite Circle event in Austin, Texas.

Sam Browne was the beneficiary of one of the scholarship tickets to that event. These have been donated by some of the more established entrepreneurs in the community as a sort of way to ‘pay it forward’.

Sam is the founder of Find A Band, a New Zealand-based online booking agency for bands and musicians. He is also a talented musician himself, and you will hear some of his original music on today’s show.

Six months after attending our event, Sam wrote us to let us know that his experience at DC Austin had inspired him to dream bigger. So, we just had to invite him on to this week’s podcast to share his story.


Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • Why Sam decided to start an online booking agency. (3:47)
  • How Sam’s perspective has changed since attending DC Austin. (8:54)
  • The types of struggles that Sam had in the early days of Find A Band. (19:41)
  • Sam’s plans to expand his business internationally. (28:05)
  • Some of our favorite guitars that we’ve played. (38:22)

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