TMBA282: Starting With Productized Services: Learn a Skill, Package It For Sale, Then Scale

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A few weeks ago we did a show called “An Episode For Those Who Need a Business Idea”. We got so much great feedback from that episode, and looking back at it, we realized it has become part of a series that we have developed about productized services. This episode is the natural progression of that series. The first person that I thought of when I wanted to continue that discussion was Tristan King from Tristan has a lot of thoughts on how you can build productized marketing services and scale them. He will also be sharing his view and advice for getting started from somebody in their third year of a productized services business, and a few of his business ideas that he believes could be winners for the TropicalMBA listeners looking to start a business.

Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • The biggest struggle Tristan faced on his way to building a sustainable business.
  • How long it took for Tristan to build his business to the point that he became location independent.
  • What it means to have “Relative Expertise” and why you don’t need to be the best at what you do in the beginning.
  • Where people who start productized services businesses sometimes get hung up and how to push through that.
  • What actions Tristan is taking to ensure a healthy pipeline of customers.
  • The benefits and drawbacks of working exclusively in the Shopify ecosystem.

People on this episode:

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A Series on Productized Marketing Services

A lot of people ask us “how can I get started with the location independent lifestyle?” If you don’t have highly marketable skills or lots of business experience (like me when I started), this is the series of podcasts I’d recommend to you:

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