TMBA566: Why Do SaaS Businesses Fail?

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Today’s episode is all about software startups, and there are very few people more capable or qualified to talk about them than today’s guest.

Simon Payne first joined us on this podcast back in 2016 to talk about his role as the technical co-founder of Leadpages.

Since leaving Leadpages in 2016, Simon has gone on to found multiple software companies, including a video tool called Convert Player, and a ticketing tool that we regularly use in our own business called EventsFrame.

But, as you will hear on today’s podcast, the results of these endeavors have ultimately been a mixed bag.

Simon joins us this week to share the details of his entrepreneurial journey over the last few years, to discuss how the relationships between developers and marketers can make or break a software business, and to explain why he’s recently decided to help us build our own software platform at Dynamite Jobs.

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Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • What kinds of software businesses Simon started after he left LeadPages. (4:13)
  • The common denominators in both of Simon’s failed startups. (16:57)
  • How the tug of war between developers and marketers can actually help software startups. (20:26)
  • Why Simon decided to start working with us on Dynamite Jobs. (25:20)
  • Some insights into our own failed SaaS venture. (33:17)


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