TMBA585 – There’s No Business Like Snow Business

This week’s episode is …. weird. We had a great interview lined up, ready to roll, all it needed was a little finessing by our awesome audio editor Arison. Just one issue there – Arison happens to live in Austin, as does Ian, and currently Dan.

For those who haven’t been following US-based news, the state of Texas has been hit by a once-in-a-lifetime snowstorm. Vast areas of the city have been left without power and clean water for days. And Dan’s had to break a door down to shut off the sprinkler system in his apartment.

All of this is to say – we haven’t been able to bring you the show we had planned for this week. So we thought it might be an opportunity to revisit one of our listeners’ favorite episodes, according to our mailbag, the one where Dan and Ian talk about selling their valet business. Hope you enjoy it and we promise normal service will resume next week.  Thanks for hanging in there with us.

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