TMBA 195 (LBP161) – We Sold a Business, Here’s What We Learned

Dan and Ian’s dreamy voices are drifting into your earbuds this week to bring you some insight on a real life experience they’ve just been through… selling a business.  You’ll get to hear the fellas 7 points on what they did, and what they will do differently next time they sell a business to get the best results.

They say experience is the best teacher, so listen in to hear first hand what two business savvy gents have to say on the sales process and their golden tips for how to make everything go smoothly.

To Sell, or Not to Sell?

  • Why you need to consider upstream customers as well as downstream customers, and what that even means.
  • How clear deadlines and expectations when selling a site can save you from massive migraines.
  • How a strategy similar to a successful product launch could amplify your site’s sales potential.
  • Why you need to paint the picture of what owning your business will be like, and how their life will be after purchasing.


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Episode length: 20:59

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