TMBA 157 (LBP134) – If It Makes You Money, You Shouldn’t Be Doing It (The SOP Episode)

Almost back in Bali! Ian’s heading to join Dan in Bali in just a few days for the end of the year. They’re going to take a look back at their businesses in 2012 and look forward at how to grow their businesses in 2013.

They’ve realized that in order to continue to scale, they need to get even more focused on creating documentation and standards of procedure. They took a look at the literature and brought their experience from their e-commerce company together to bring you a step-by-step guide to start creating SOPs that let you save your profits right out of the gate.

SOP Save Our Profits

  • What pilots can teach business owners about systems.
  • Why all entrepreneurs (even solopreneurs) need to create SOPs.
  • The step-by-step guide to start creating processes that scale in your business today.
  • How to know what aspects of your business are ready to be turned into SOPs and which aren’t.
  • Why having clear processes improves your relationship with employees.


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Episode length: 28:51


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