TMBA 638: Judging When To Jump On The Tailwind Of a Side-Project

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‘Side hustles’ are a long running theme on this show: those ‘weekends and evenings’ projects that many entrepreneurs have in their back pockets. Many don’t work out but when one does, it’s a great opportunity to run with something which has the possibility to evolve to the next level. But how do you decide when that tipping point is?

In today’s show Ben Dowling joins Dan to describe how coding a simple API, to solve a problem he was experiencing while working as the CTO of Calm, lead him to found a Software as a Service called IPinfo, which create datasets about IP addresses:

“So many projects I shipped .. felt sort of uphill pushes. And some of them had some moderate success, but it was always an effort. Whereas IPinfo, the traction was sort of straightaway .. And so I think if people are struggling with a project, ‘Hey, do I just need to keep working hard on it?’ It may be best to try something different .. I had no expectations for IPinfo .. but it very quickly sort of started going in that direction”.

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Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • A new API feature at Dynamite Jobs 10’06”
  • The differences between startup culture in the UK and US 26’32”
  • Starting IPinfo as a side hustle 31’50”
  • Why people are so important to SaaS 43’

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