TMBA 676: Let’s Talk About DCBKK2022

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It’s been three long years since DC members were able to gather in Bangkok to share great food, awesome experiences and talk business. And DCBKK2022, our ten year anniversary event, was not only our biggest ever in terms of attendees but also such a blast.

So this week Dan, Ian and Jeff Pecaro get together to talk about not only the highlights of DCBKK2022 – one of which was definitely a 100 strong Tuk Tuk parade which ferried people through the streets of Bangkok to the closing party – but also takeaways, trends spotting from the conference floor, and things that are up for improvement next year:

“We’re always gonna have speakers, we’re always gonna have meetups, we’re always gonna have presenters, we’re always gonna have structured conversations. But one of the pieces of feedback that we’ve been getting for years is: how can we bring people together to just do things?”

Listen and Learn:

  • The power of being together with likeminded people in one place
  • The growth of niche meetups in the community
  • Entrepreneurial themes spotted in the room this year
  • Improvements for next year

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The Tuk Tuk Parade

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