TMBA 130 (TTR16) – Becoming a Mini-Mogul

Happy Friday everyone! Today Ian and I are joining you from Puerto Galera, Philippines. We found a few minutes away from the events here at the Tropical MBA to discuss a topic that’s been on our minds lately: How do we frame up this new style of multi-national small business entrepreneurship, and what are some related business opportunities?

A lot of people have been talking about this trend lately, we dug up this article to serve as the basic structure for this episode. We believe the opportunities to create services and products for people just like us– global-thinking lifestyle entrepreneurs– is massive.

We also take a few minutes to discuss some of the feedback we received on our last episode.

There is a new Tropical MBA style internship in China:

Matt Kowalak and his business partner Jamon are offering a TMBA-style internship in China. We trust these guys and are confident they’ll provide whoever gets the gig a life-changing experience. Check Out The High Cappin Internship Details Here

Key points you’ll hear about:

  • Why how you spend your days might look more like Sir Richard Branson than a “normal” small business entrepreneur.
  • Why we think drop shipping directly from China and other similar services will be a huge opportunity for lifestyle entrepreneurs.
  • Why and how to make blogging hugely profitable.
  • A few specific niches that we think will be huge in the next 5 years (and how one might get involved).

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