TMBA424: Three Scripts for Entrepreneurship

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Dan and Ian have decided to use today’s podcast to talk about a tricky but common issue in our community.

One of the biggest challenges that entrepreneurs face is finding, and creating, “life scripts” that represent their journey.

Today’s guest is someone that Dan and Ian have known for over 8 years, in fact they hired David Hehenberger as a TMBA intern back in 2010. Using the skills he honed during that apprenticeship, David left to become an SEO consultant, and ultimately started his own successful productized business called FatCat Apps.

David joins us on this week’s show to talk about three specific life scripts that are uniquely tailored for entrepreneurs.

If you’re seeking your own path, they can help you create the kind of financial independence that this podcast is a champion of.


Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • The difference between selling “vitamins” and “aspirin”. (6:50)
  • What a business looks like at the first step of the “stairstep approach”. (10:10)
  • How David transitioned to the second level of the stairstep. (19:51)
  • What David’s business looked like at the 1,000-day mark. (24:58)
  • Why David decided to launch a new landing page tool for Amazon. (28:31)

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