Get Paid to Join Us in Bali – Tropical MBA Internship #9

This post is a job ad. If it were posted on a job website it would be titled something like: “Location Independent Entrepreneur Seeks Full Time Intern.” How I wish I would have seen a job ad like that 5 years ago!

This is a job opportunity where you’ll earn cash and get free rent at our huge pad in Bali. We started the house to have a high quality working environment when we weren’t traveling. We wanted a WIFI signal we could count on. It’s also helped us to attract visitors from all around the world, to give our team members free places to stay, and to throw some great parties :)

If you know somebody who is looking to get a jump start into location independent entrepreneurship, but hasn’t yet started a business, I encourage you to share this post with them.

In the coming months we’ll be working hard to generate more opportunities like the Tropical MBA. We’ll also be creating free training and an online community for people seeking location independent jobs. If you are on the mailing list you’ll be the first to hear about it.

Great housewarming gift from David McKeegan and family

Why I am Hiring

David (TMBA II and currently my right hand man) and I are maxed out. Right now, we are the only two team members on a business unit that recently started generating profits. We think we can take it from nothing to six figures in the next 3-4 months. To do that we need your help. Also– it’s a ton of fun to bring more cool people into our community. We LOVE the lifestyle we enjoy. One of the few downsides of the location independent lifestyle is that you can’t share it with many people. The TMBA is one way we work to change that.

The Websites You’ll Be Helping Us With

  • The Lifestyle Business Podcast
  • The Tropical MBA
  • Dynamite Circle
  • A camera equipment niche site
  • A market place for high-end automobiles

What You’ll Do

  • You’ll be exposed to every functional area of a business that earned over $100,000.00 in the last 4 weeks.
  • You’ll edit the Lifestyle Business Podcast. It’s a bitch. Check out how detailed our posts are.
  • You’ll write high quality blog posts like a maniac.
  • You’ll do research, writing, and editing for premium publications we’ll offer to members of the Dynamite Circle.
  • You’ll interact directly with our clients via email and Skype to make sure they are happy.
  • You’ll follow our content protocols to make daily blog posts for a new premium auto website we are launching.
  • Dito for a high end camera equipment website.
  • TONS of writing and reading.
  • You’ll be knee deep in entrepreneurship, entrepreneurs, and entrepreneurial information 24/7.

Sunset Happy Hour 3 Minutes from the House

Stuff You Should be Good At

  • Writing and fast content generation. You must be capable of dealing with high volumes of content and communication on a daily basis.
  • Email. You must be awesome at writing and managing a lot of it.
  • Working hard.
  • You must be excellent about taking criticism. We prefer people who are open to ideas, and enjoy talking about issues openly with others.
  • Snooping around the web and digging up information.
  • Proactively seeking feedback on your work so you can improve.
  • Traveling and being flexible. You must be low maintenance individual. This lifestyle throws a lot of curveballs and challenges. We’ll want somebody who is used to the day to day frustrations that can come up when traveling, living in the foreign country, and similar.
  • Living with others. You’ll be in close proximity to a lot of people while at the house. We have a lot of visitors, friends, house guests, and parties. It’s not a crazy scene by any means– this isn’t a frat house, and there is private space, but if you aren’t good at that kind of living, this isn’t a good opportunity for you.

Who I’m Looking For

For those of you who have been following the TMBA closely, you’ll notice that this opportunity is a bit of a departure from the ones I’ve offered in the past. I’m looking for somebody who wants a job. An awesome job with a crap-ton of perks, freedoms, and learning opportunities. That said– I’m not running this internship to help you get your business off the ground. This time it’s me who’s launching something new. I’m looking for someone who is willing to work their tail off for these new ventures for 6 months minimum, but I’d prefer somebody who has a much longer view on it.

What You’ll Get

  • Location, Location, Location. You’ll live 3 minutes from one of the most sought after exotic beaches in the world, and a stone’s throw from the hottest clubs in Southeast Asia. You’ll be nested in a quiet garden smack dab in the best neighborhood in Bali.
  • A quality working environment. Not only are entrepreneurs always dropping by to visit and borrow our smokin’ hot WIFI connection, you’ll enjoy A/C, WIFI in the gardens, stand-up desks, and bean bags.
  • Free room at the TMBA house. The small bedroom at the TMBA house in Seminyak, Bali. This room isn’t balla by any means. It’s the most “dorm-ish” room in the house. It’s a single bed (you can replace with a full one if necessary, costs aren’t extreme on that). You won’t have a private bathroom. That means you’ll be living with all of us dudes. We are all nerdy guys who are insanely curious, conversational, and love to have a good time. We also all love to work. The guys in the house have a track record of quality relationships and positive, supportive, team player attitudes.
  • Pool parties. You might be above it, but I’m not. Pool parties are awesome, and we throw a lot of them. :)
  • Monthly salary. (I’ll disclose this during the phone interview stage). You’ll be paid a cash salary at the end of every month. The figure was determined by what I see as reasonable monthly expenses– bike rental, good food 3X daily, snacks, beer, coffee. It’s nothing even close to impressive, but you won’t spend money to have this job. In fact, if you are smart you could put away a little every month.
  • Visa costs covered. I’ll help organize and pay for your 6 month social visa to Bali.
  • 90 days of direct training on our business with myself, Ian, and David. After 90 days with us training and working at the house, and we think we can continue to work together, we’ll give you a raise up to a normal expat living wage and help you find a local apartment, if you so chose. Of course I’ll stick to my location independent guns here– you can work from anywhere you’ve got an internet connection and the eye of the tiger. If you want to extend at the house and your work is good, I’m sure we can work something out.
  • A relatively high volume of amazing and inspiring people. I’m always hesitant to sell this one, but now I’m totally convinced that it’s true. You’ll meet a very high volume of intelligent, successful, inspiring people. No doubt.
  • A ticket into the lifestyle. No TMBA alumn has had to go back to a ‘real’ job yet, and if they play their cards right, they never will. If you score this gig and do good work, you’ll be in the same boat. It’s a good one.

Taking Squeeze Page Videos with Tommy Schultz

Join a Team of People Who Are Making the Lifestyle Work in a Big Way

  • Join the 150+ insanely diverse and talented BALLERS in the Dynamite Circle. All interns get free access to our private forum. It’s a place where I get schooled daily.
  • TMBA sponsor Ian is the president of a company that generates 100K in income monthly. (oh yeah, and my best friend!…and I suppose you could say he’s my boss:))
  • TMBA sponsor Sean owns 2 resorts in the Philippines and helps run the largest dive supply company in the country.
  • TMBA #1 Sean just had a massive launch of Location Rebel.
  • #2 David is my right hand man.
  • #3 Dave is an Adwords genius. He took one of my sites from 2K monthly to 20K.
  • #4 Lewis builds beautiful ecommerce stores.
  • #5 Damian is making a western level income freelancing on Odesk.
  • #6 Simon’s e-commerce store brought in 5K last month.
  • #7 Aamir is a contextual advertising expert. He generates cash by computer wizardry alone.
  • #8 John is a professional SEO and has a successful niche site generating passive income.
*  *  *
Since you’ll be working and living with David and myself on a daily basis, I wanted to get a few of his thoughts on this next internship.


Dear Future TMBAer,

Joining Dan’s Tropical MBA crew as intern #2 back in 2010 has been an amazing ride. I’ve been traveling all over South East Asia, learning languages, eating spicy food, and exploring tropical islands. At the same time, I’ve gotten a real understanding of how successful (online) businesses work. The past months have been the best of my life – I can’t believe how lucky I am.

What I like most about the Tropical MBA is the unique combination of having the time of your life while learning skills that will be the foundation of your future successes.

This is one of the most interesting internships so far in terms of learning experience. If you join us, you’ll help us grow some sites and businesses from zero to 4-figure profits within a few months. If you are interested in learning a ton while having a blast I’d encourage you to apply.

Hope to see you in Bali,


*  *  *


  • You must fund your own way to Bali.
  • You must have your own laptop.
  • You must be ready to go by November 15th. (if you have an exceptional case, let us know)


  • Applications due October 9th.
  • Winner selected by October 14th.
  • Join us at the Bali house November 15th

How to Apply

  • Write 500-1000 words on “Why I Want to Work With You Guys on These New Projects”
  • In under 100 words, tell me briefly about your travel experience to date. (Focus on details).
  • In under 100 words, tell me briefly about your career experience to date. (Focus on facts).
  • In under 100 words, what’s some advice you have for me on how I can make the TMBA a better blog?
  • Answer: what are 3 blogs/podcasts/books that you think I should check out and why?
  • Include a video message to me, at least 1 minute. Tell me who you are and what’s going on.
  • Submit your application to Dan at Tropical MBA dot com. Please no .docx file extensions. PDFs are best. I will confirm receipt. If I do not, please double check with me.

Some quick thoughts from the guys at the house…

Having lunch a short walk from the house with Sean Ogle

The pool gets used a lot. We have a full time pool guy and gardener.

We throw regular pool parties for internet entrepreneurs and travelers.

Best spot in the house is a bean bag on the back deck.

I will answer any and all questions in the comments or via private email.

Hope you’ll pass this opportunity on to somebody you know!


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