TMBA623: It’s Never Too Late to Find a Business Partner

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When today’s guest spoke at our recent event in Mexico City, we were taken by his story because it presented a captivating alternative to the traditional bootstrap business partnerships that we’ve encountered over the years.

Tommy Griffith is the founder of ClickMinded, an online SEO training course, and he has joined us many times over the years to share the story of that business.

His story took an unexpected turn when he decided to take on a co-founder after he had already been operating his business for five years.

Tommy joins us on today’s show to explain how his feelings of being “cornered and surrounded” led to the decision to seek out a late-stage co-founder, what he was looking for in a business partner, how they negotiated equity, and a whole lot more.

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Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • Why Tommy decided to take on a co-founder so late into the trajectory of his company. (4:45)
  • How to recognize when you suck at something and you need help. (13:05)
  • What “Effective Equity” is and how you can leverage it. (20:44)
  • When it makes to find a business partner instead of hiring someone. (37:08)
  • How Tommy and Eduardo used this practice again to bring in a third partner. (44:18)

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