TMBA495: Going All In on a Side Project

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On today’s podcast, Dan and Ian are following up on one of the most popular episodes in recent years.

Tommy Griffith is the founder of ClickMinded, an online SEO training course that he started while he was working at Paypal. Tommy joined us two and a half years ago to talk about how he created that business as a Saturday Morning Side Hustle.

When we last spoke with Tommy in 2017, he was about to quit one of the best jobs in the world as the head of SEO at AirBNB to travel the world and focus on Clickminded full-time.

It didn’t go quite as planned, as you’ll find out on this week’s episode. Tommy returns to the podcast today to talk about what went wrong, and why he decided almost eight years into growing his business that it was time to take on a co-founder.


Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • What prompted Tommy’s decision to leave AirBNB to focus on Clickminded. (4:22)
  • Why he compares himself to the manager of a Panda Express. (15:38)
  • How Tommy came to the realization that he needed a business partner. (25:46)
  • How the business went from pre-selling a course for six-figures to losing money. (32:50)
  • Why achieving your goals can often be a double-edged sword. (42:25)

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