TMBA531: A Lot Can Change In a Year

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One of our favorite things to do on this podcast is follow up on some of the entrepreneurial stories that we’ve covered in the past.

This time last year, we recorded a podcast with Tommy Joiner.

In that episode, Tommy spoke about the genesis of his productized content generation service ContentPros.

Fast forward a year and Tommy has made some massive changes in his life. Not only has he sold ContentPros, but he also chose to part ways with his business partner.

In today’s episode, Tommy returns to explain why he decided to move on from ContentPros and to share some insights into the exit process as well.



Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • What has changed in Tommy’s life since last January. (3:26)
  • The initial steps that he took once he realized that he wanted to exit his business. (14:53)
  • How quickly the business was sold. (22:35)
  • How he felt after the sale went down. (32:13)
  • What Tommy is working on for 2020. (37:43)


Mentioned in the episode:



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