TMBA 222: The Full Story Behind Our First Niche

For a variety of reasons, Ian and I have never spoken openly about the first successful B2B business we ever started– This week we are going to change all that and go into the details of how that business got started, how we won market share, and what we are doing to grow the business in the future. Terry Lin from Build My Online Store was kind enough to interview Ian for his great podcast and I think he did a great job of extracting the real scoop. We asked him if we could share his interview with our listeners, and he was very gracious for letting us share it here. Enjoy!

Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • How we found out about and became a leading supplier in a little-known B2B niche (and how you can do the same).
  • Why word of mouth is so critical in B2B and how to cultivate it in your marketplace.
  • The important differences between B2B and B2C businesses.
  • Some predictions on the future of drop shipping and ecommerce marketing tactics.
  • How to determine– before you get started– if your niche is a winner or not.

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