TMBA533: From Cryptocurrency to Cowboy Boots

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Will Roman is a veteran entrepreneur who has worked in a number of different fields including eCommerce, software, and even cryptocurrency.

At the end of last year, Will made the decision to leave a crypto exchange business he was part of to start Chisos, a product company that manufactures and sells beautifully crafted, comfortable cowboy boots.

Will joins us on the podcast this week to talk about his stressful exit from the crypto company, why he decided to start Chisos, what he has learned from his first year of manufacturing boots, and a whole lot more.



Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • How Will’s deal to exit his crypto exchange company almost fell apart at the 11th hour. (4:50)
  • What made him decide that he wanted to make his own cowboy boots. (10:23)
  • How a trip to Mexico helped him figure out the manufacturing process. (20:30)
  • The troubles they had with their first production run of boots. (28:49)
  • Will’s vision for the company at the end of this year and beyond. (33:38)


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