100 Online Marketing, Entrepreneurship, and Personal Development Blog Posts Later…

Today I was talking to an entrepreneur who said to me:

“I used to be HUGE in to blogging and twitter and all that after I read the 4HWW… then one day, I dropped it all 100% and started cold calling entrepreneurs and small business owners…

…the ones who didn’t yell and bitch at me listened to my idea… it wasn’t great and nobody was going for it…

...then one day a prospect turned me on to a similar service but it was way better… I basically took the best parts of their service and found a way to adapt their model to my geographical area…”

What came next was pitch-perfect entrepreneurship. Mr. Entrepreneur took the competitor’s successful model, made a few innovative twists, and applied it to a new market.

Moves like that don’t come from spitballing on the sidelines.

Guess who quit their job 12 months later?

* * *

His decision to quit blogging got me thinking. A few days ago I was looking through my Google Docs and found 100+ drafts of personal development / entrepreneur-ish articles. Most of them in various states of completion. Many weren’t more than 4 sentences.

When I quit my job and started traveling I was overwhelmed with inspiration to improve my life and share it with others.

The first 6 months after I moved to Vietnam, I would write 1000 words every day before I checked my email.

I even wrote a blog post called “5 Reasons You Should Write 1000 Words Before You Check Your Email.”

Good times.

* * *

I wrote stuff with titles like “Get REAL With Your Finances…” and then went on to talk about how my cash based budget was huge for me.

And it was.

I’m glad I wrote that stuff.

I’m also glad I didn’t publish it. Publishing isn’t always as harmless as people think.

“I’ll just put it out there….. bounce it off some others… share my thoughts….”

Publishing can make you a blogger.

That’s one more thing to put energy in to that isn’t being an entrepreneur.

* * *

If you are becoming a blogger, but would prefer to be an entrepreneur, consider replacing your next post with a link to:

StevePavlina.com or PhilosophersNotes.com or even SebastianMarshall.com.

Or consider competing with StevePavlina.com.

I mean it.

If you don’t want to compete with Steve, consider getting those thoughts out on paper as quick as possible (say, before you check your email), and then putting them on the shelf.

Then, pick up the phone.