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TMBA402: What’s Your Superpower?

TMBA402: What’s Your Superpower? post image

Today's guest is one of the smartest business minds that Dan and Ian have encountered in their travels.

Jason Cohen is the founder of WP Engine, a very successful company that provides managed Wordpress hosting. He is also the author of Dan and Ian's all-time favorite blogs, A Smart Bear.

A few years ago, Jason made the difficult decision to step down from his CEO role at WP Engine, at a time when the company was more successful than ever. Jason recently spoke about this decision at our recent Dynamite Circle event in Austin, and we invited him on the show this week to expand on that talk. 

On today's episode, you'll hear Jason share his insights about the struggles of growing at the pace of your company, the angst you can feel after you sell a business, and how he has been able to harness his "superpowers".

TMBA401: What’s In A Name?

TMBA401: What’s In A Name? post image

This week's episode is about a question that Dan and Ian are struggling to answer right now: What is the best way to go about naming a new business or product?

A lot of times you only get one chance to get people's attention. Choosing the right name could unlock the door to great success, and branding your business incorrectly could prove disastrous.

Today's guest knows this challenge better than anyone.

Alexandra Watkins is the founder of a company called Eat My Words, which specializes in naming brands and products. She is also the author of a book on the subject called "Hello, My Name is Awesome".

This interview originally started out as a discussion about Alexandra's book, but it ended up taking a serious turn about halfway through, when Alexandra went to great lengths to help Dan and Ian find a new name for this podcast.

TMBA400: Back To Our Roots

TMBA400: Back To Our Roots post image

Dan and Ian have spent a substantial amount of their life making this show, nearly 8 years to be exact.

What better way to celebrate the 400th episode of this podcast than to return to one of their favorite episode formats: the good, old-fashioned Q&A.

This week, Dan and Ian are answering more listener questions, and riffing on topics like "Comfy Bed Syndrome" and "The Golden Handcuffs". You'll also hear some retrospective thoughts on 8 years of talking about entrepreneurship.

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The Alchemy of Pitching – What To Consider When Selling Yourself or Your Business via Email

The Alchemy of Pitching – What To Consider When Selling Yourself or Your Business via Email post image

This week’s podcast outlines our thoughts about how to be more successful making pitches, and cutting deals, via email. Ahead of that episode, TMBA’s producer Jane, has agreed to share some thoughts about how to reach out to podcasts - and other media outlets - drawing on her experience working at the BBC and with shows...

Business Class in London

Business Class in London post image

I've said for a while now: it’s better to travel to a more obscure location where you know people than to travel to a world-class destination where you know no-one. But, in the case of London, I’m say I am lucky enough to say that I've had both. I’ve spend the last 3 weeks here...

The Middle Class Mind

The Middle Class Mind post image

I was in Barcelona to attend a business conference. One evening, a small group of us found our way to a fancy bar with quiet music. We knew each other - we’ve met all around the world, from developing-world resorts to New York City cafes. Our conversations are mostly stories and laughs with like minds....

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