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TMBA381: A Conversation with Cal Newport

TMBA381: A Conversation with Cal Newport post image

If you are anything like Dan and Ian, then you have likely spent years geeking out on the writings of this week's guest.

Cal Newport is a computer science professor, and he has been operating a blog on his website since 2007. He has also been writing books since he was in college, and his most recent book is called Deep Work, which is about the benefits and practical steps to getting more done in the internet age.

This interview covers a wide range of subjects, including distributed algorithms at the extremes, why Cal uses walking to enhance his productivity, and why creativity is more workmanlike than most people realize.

TMBA380: Who Is Tracking You?

TMBA380: Who Is Tracking You? post image

Dan and Ian have talked many times on this podcast about how the best ideas often come from scratching your own itch, or finding problems for solutions that you have experienced.

Lately, Dan has had a very specific itch. Email tracking software has really been getting on Dan's nerves these days, so much so that he has even written a recent blog post about how much the industry is upsetting him.

Enter Sonny Tulyaganov. Sonny was feeling some of the very same frustrations with email tracking software that Dan has been experiencing, but Sonny decided to do something about it. He developed a browser plugin called UglyMail, which allows you to see who is tracking your email.

On this week's show, you'll hear the history of how Sonny developed this plugin, and the startling revelations about just how much of the information in your inbox is at risk.

TMBA379: A Conversation With Jordan Harbinger

TMBA379: A Conversation With Jordan Harbinger post image

Podcast 47:06 | Download | Stitcher | iTunes | Comment It's no secret that Dan and Ian are radio enthusiasts. It's the reason that they started making this podcast in the first place. They are also interested in learning how others have grown successful businesses through putting their voices on the air and by developing podcasts. One…

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A Mistake Most Interviewers Make

A Mistake Most Interviewers Make post image

Interviewing people is hard. But it is also incredibly rewarding when you get it right, or even nearly get it right! While listening to Zach Lowe's podcast last night, I noticed him make a small mistake that most questioners of all types make. Sometimes, this mistake is made intentionally for deceitful purposes (see if you…

Working in Email for Only 30 Minutes a Day

Working in Email for Only 30 Minutes a Day post image

I’ve been thinking a lot about productivity this year. In January, I started ramping up my working intensity to a level that it hasn't been at since we sold the business. I've also been taking a look at authors who are writing about productivity in 2017. I've noticed that, for me, the productivity landscape has changed. When we were building…

Stuck in a Rut

Stuck in a Rut post image

I don’t remember how it started, probably with Taylor Pearson. In early 2016, we had been working on a long article (booklet?) for a month or so. 1,000s and 1,000s of words. It, like most of the writing and podcasting projects I was taking on, was turning into hard-drive filler. Half-finished stuff that would never get published…

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