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TMBA442: ‘Til Death Do Us Part? Business Relationships

TMBA442: ‘Til Death Do Us Part? Business Relationships post image

Dan and Ian love receiving messages and questions from listeners of this show.

A few weeks back, one listener reached out to them about what the ownership structure of a business partnership should look like.

This is a critically important issue for many entrepreneurs, and it's an incredibly complicated one to boot. Dan and Ian are business partners themselves, but they have seen many other partnerships evolve and dissolve over the years.

On today's show, we are talking about five partnership styles that we've personally witnessed over the years, how those types of partnerships can affect your business, and how you can find the right business partner.

TMBA441: The Entrepreneurial Script

TMBA441: The Entrepreneurial Script post image

Podcast 34:19| Download | Stitcher | iTunes | Comment One of Dan and Ian's favorite parts about creating this podcast is being able to find real entrepreneurial stories that can inspire and inform others. It's easy to forget sometimes that these real entrepreneurial stories, or "scripts" as we sometimes call them, are rare to come by. These journeys...

TMBA440: What’s Your Lifestyle Ladder?

TMBA440: What’s Your Lifestyle Ladder? post image

Dan and Ian know that today's episode is about a rather sensitive subject.

Not many people in American society feel comfortable talking about money. It's quite taboo in some social circles to share how much money you are making or to open up about your financial position.

It's part of the reason so many entrepreneurs don't open up about selling their businesses. They think that nobody wants to hear them complain about how they made a lot of money.

We've found that the types of people that are able to speak freely about these topics are often the ones who are the most successful with their money.

In this week's podcast, we aren't holding back. Dan and Ian are sharing how they feel about money, how much money they want, and what actual financial freedom looks like.

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Writing Longform Job Posts Can Save You Time and Money

Jessica Malnik has been working full-time behind the scenes here at the TMBA for years now, helping to strengthen our community, organize our events, and build products that help entrepreneurs grow. Lately she’s been the lead in building our new hiring service / jobs board Dynamite Jobs, a site designed to be a matchmaker between...

Taking a Walk This Weekend? – Here’s a Great Podcast Episode to Take with You

Taking a Walk This Weekend? – Here’s a Great Podcast Episode to Take with You post image

Every once in a while a podcast episode jumps out at me and grabs my attention. This week I was so pleasantly surprised by Scooter Braun's appearance on the the Bill Simmons podcast (Bill's approach to interviews is unique and elite. His conversation with Hulk Hogan is an excellent example of his style). Anyway, Scooter is most...

What’s Happening in 2018 at the TMBA?

What’s Happening in 2018 at the TMBA? post image

Podcast 25:00| Download | Stitcher | iTunes | Comment Occasionally we'll be putting out a 'Tuesday podcast' with some news and ways you can get involved beyond the main TMBA show. I'll make some notes below but, if you're interested in our new 'finding your dream job', attending one of our events, or hearing what's in...

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