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TMBA446: The Tale of 12 Exits

TMBA446: The Tale of 12 Exits post image

As many of you know, Dan and Ian love hearing from the listeners of this show.

A listener named Tom Hannon recently wrote in with a question that we really hadn't addressed on this show before.

We've talked a lot about selling businesses on this podcast lately, but what happens when you don't have a choice? What happens when you are forced to sell?

As we started talking with Tom, we discovered that he has actually sold twelve businesses of his own, and the circumstances of each of those sales were entirely unique.

We invited Tom onto today's podcast to share the stories of those exits, as well as the lessons that he has learned along the way.

TMBA445: Finding Your Tribe

TMBA445: Finding Your Tribe post image

Today's show is all about seizing opportunities.

Last year, Dan and Ian invited Greg Gerber, who is a member of our community The Dynamite Circle, on to the show to talk about how he gifted an up-and-coming entrepreneur an all-expenses-paid trip to our annual event in Barcelona.

This idea of "paying it forward" has really taken off in the community since then.

At our recent event in Austin, TX, Meryl Johnston offered two free tickets on behalf of her company, Bean Ninjas. Dan and Ian contributed a few free tickets of their own, with others offering free airfare, coaching, and more.

On today's podcast, you'll hear from one of the recipients of that gift.

Jen Anderson is the founder of Mai-Tie, a company that makes unique, fashionable bowties out of vintage Hawaiian shirts. While her business is still in its infancy, she has a huge amount of experience in the startup world, and some interesting insights into that as well.

This is the story of what it takes to find your people.

TMBA444: When Should I Hire?

TMBA444: When Should I Hire? post image

Dan and Ian are back this week to respond to another listener-submitted question.

Chris Cage from recently reached out to us with a problem that many listeners of this show have been struggling with: when is it the right time to hire somebody?

This is a moment in the entrepreneurial journey that every entrepreneur will eventually reach, and it isn't always easy to make the right decision. Hiring can be expensive, from both a financial perspective and an emotional one.

Fortunately, Dan and Ian have a rich history of hiring experiences, both good and bad. On today's show, they will be opening up about the mistakes that they have made, as well as the successes they have had when bringing people on to their team.

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