TMBA 240: Knowing How Versus Knowing What post image

Podcast | Download | Stitcher | iTunes This week bossman and I discuss being unpopular in the face of pressure from friends, family, team members, and employees. Bossman references his new "entrepreneurmobile" gratuitously and we ponder the distinctions being 'know-how' and 'know-what' knowledge. How to know when to stop engineering a product and move forward. [...]

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Published on 04.17.14
TMBA 239: 10 Ways to Cut a Crappy Deal post image

Podcast | Download | Stitcher | iTunes We've seen a lot of really smart people making dumb deals. It's okay, every entrepreneur has been there. We're not afraid to admit that we've been guilty of some of these mistakes ourselves. On this week's episode we'll be talking about ten ways that you can avoid making [...]

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Published on 04.10.14
TMBA 238: 9 Months Into A SaaS Project – 5 Things We’d Do Differently post image

People have been asking us to open up a little bit more about some of our specific business ventures so this week we’re going to be talking about our new software-as-a-service product, We’re 9 months into the company, and we’ve already faced some significant challenges. On this week’s episode we’ll be discussing the 5 things that we’d do differently if we were starting up a SaaS business today.

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Published on 04.03.14
How Much Money Do You Need To Fly Business Class On Every Flight? post image

I used to think that buying a business class ticket was crazy. Who does that? Even if you've got all the money in the world, why waste a few thousand bucks on a couple of inches of legroom? Of course, that was all before I flew business class. I don't want to say it was [...]

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Published on 04.02.14
TMBA 237: Thoughts On the Costs and Logistics of Location Independent Living post image

This week one of our listeners challenged us to explain the detailed costs of the location independent lifestyle. We’ll talk about how to set up your business so you can become location independent and some general principles we've learned over the years about the 'live and work' anywhere mindset. The things you get paid for [...]

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Published on 03.27.14
TMBA 236: Thoughts on Getting Your First Product Manufactured in China post image

Podcast | 23:45 | Download | Stitcher | iTunes This week, one of our listeners challenged us to go more in-depth about Chinese manufacturing and how to get your first product manufactured. We're gonna dive right in and talk about where and how you can learn about outsourcing your product to China, and everything that [...]

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Published on 03.20.14
What is the Real Cost of the Permanent Travel Lifestyle? post image

If you asked me what the single most important feature/software/service/company in the last 10 years for the proliferation of the location independent lifestyle was, I'd guess Skype's call to phone service. Before Skype to phone came out, digital nomads were basically technologists. They were early adopters in the internet marketing scene, developers, or people who [...]

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Published on 03.18.14
TMBA 235: 2 China Factory Sourcing Strategies (and Business Updates) post image

This week, Bossman is back on the scene, and we are going over a host of specific updates about our businesses. In particular, we really get into what kinds of challenges we've faced manufacturing our own product, how we've been handling our relationships with our Chinese suppliers, some ways that you can save money with [...]

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Published on 03.13.14
Digital Nomad Packing List 2014 – Living Since 2008 With 2 Bags post image

Another packing list? Yeah! Why the hell not. I still geek out on packing list posts and love reading what other people are doing with their kits. Since 2008, I've more or less been living out of a day bag and a laptop bag. I pick up stuff along the way-- like guitars, Xboxes, and [...]

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Published on 03.10.14
TMBA 234: Where Are All the Women in the Digital Nomad Community? post image

This week, Elisa Doucette joins me to talk about women in the location independent entrepreneurship game. Elisa runs the Dynamite Circle business operations. If you're a lady sitting in your cubicle in the United States, listen closely. We have a fantastic network of women with similar stories that we hope will inspire you to explore these options [...]

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Published on 03.06.14