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TMBA390: How to Get Better at Sales

TMBA390: How to Get Better at Sales post image

One of the topics that Dan and Ian have repeatedly been asked to talk about on this show is sales.

The reality for the majority of the entrepreneurs who listen to this show is that their businesses live or die by their sales funnel. It's also one of the number one things that entrepreneurs struggle to get good at.

When Dan and Ian decided to do this episode, they knew there was only one person that they could call to talk about how to really get better at sales.
John Logar is an extremely talented and successful salesperson, and he has always been very generous about sharing his advice on sales.

On this week's show, John shares some of those insights, including a 4 step daily process that John guarantees will bring you more sales.

This isn't going to be a drive by, top ten list type of an episode. This is a deep dive into the type of skills and habits that will help you build a better, more profitable sales funnel for your business.

TMBA389: TMBA Mailbag: How Can I Get Started on My Own Business?

TMBA389: TMBA Mailbag: How Can I Get Started on My Own Business? post image

One of the requests that Dan and Ian have received a lot on this show is to do more of an old school episode; the kind of one-on-one conversation that permeated the early days of this podcast.

On this week's episode, they are doing just that. Dan and Ian are reaching back into the TropicalMBA mailbag and answering questions that listeners have submitted through the mailing list on a variety of topics, including advice for entrepreneurs who don't know where to begin, why being an entrepreneur means that you might lose a lot of friends, and what the two of them have been up to lately.

TMBA388: Why We Need Strong Towns

TMBA388: Why We Need Strong Towns post image

Dan and Ian are always looking for new ways to increase their productivity.

In a lot of ways, Dan and Ian have often used this show as a means to explore places, though they have never explored those places in the ways that today's guest has.

Chuck Marohn is the president of a nonprofit organization called Strong Towns. Through his work with Strong Towns, Chuck has helped to create a framework for how our cities and towns can become financially stronger and more prosperous.

Today's podcast is an inspiring, and perhaps controversial, conversation about what kinds of towns and cities we want to live in, and what those places will look like in the future.

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The Middle Class Mind

The Middle Class Mind post image

I was in Barcelona to attend a business conference. One evening, a small group of us found our way to a fancy bar with quiet music. We knew each other - we’ve met all around the world, from developing-world resorts to New York City cafes. Our conversations are mostly stories and laughs with like minds....

Is America Bad at Building Cities?

Is America Bad at Building Cities? post image

I was at dinner in Barcelona with two Americans who live in the United States. They wanted to know why I had chosen to live abroad for the better part of a decade. Maybe they saw me as a guinea pig for a life they could choose in the future. They encouraged me to share...

Here’s a Problem With Metrics

Here’s a Problem With Metrics post image

A few weeks back, I was on a call with Ian. We were discussing how to best manage our team. He asked, “What numbers are we tracking? What specifically can we ask our team to improve?” The “numbers” Ian was referring to are KPIs, or “key performance indicators.” They’re an essential part of any good...

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