TMBA377: How Does Your Business Feel? post image

A short while back, Dan and Ian invited Rob Dix and Rob Bence on to the show to share their knowledge about property investment.

During that conversation, the Robs spoke to Ian about a lot more than just investing in property. They have managed to build an empire around their podcast, The Property Podcast, and they have a membership community of over 10,000 people strong. They've also built a business that sources and manages properties for the clients that they find through their show.

We are excited to share the rest of that conversation with you today. Listen in to hear Rob and Rob share their perspective about what it takes to grow an audience around your expertise.

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By: Dan and IanPublished on 02.23.17
Want to join a TMBA mastermind group? Here’s your chance. post image

Summary: TMBA Masterminds are now open for registration. If you already know you'd like to join us, you can start by heading over to the registration form. As a thanks for those willing to commit early, anyone who registers in the first 72 hours (by this Friday night) will be ‘charter members’ and will have...

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By: Dan AndrewsPublished on 02.21.17
TMBA376: Should You Base Yourself in Eastern Europe? post image

A few weeks ago, Dan and Ian published their first episode of a new series on this podcast, where they decided to seek out the answer to a question that every location-independent entrepreneur has struggled with at one point in time: If I can live anywhere in the world, where should that be?

On this week's episode, they will be focusing on two nations in Eastern Europe: Hungary and Georgia.

Clayton Cornell runs his own lead-generation business online, as well as one of Dan and Ian's longtime favorite blogs called Spartan Traveler. On this podcast, Clayton shares his story about what led him to the capitol of Hungary, Budapest.

You'll also hear from Dana Lindahl. Dana has chosen the nation of Georgia as his home base, as his wife has recently started a business there. You'll hear about what that process was like, as well as the entrepreneurial climate in this former Soviet country.

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By: Dan and IanPublished on 02.16.17
Set Your Pricing Accordingly post image

Dave, over at, is one of the leading manufactures of glass pipes in the marijuana industry. We first met in Austin, but serendipity brought us together, for morning biscuits, in Denver the other week. At breakfast, Dave told us a story of when he was first starting out. At the end of his first...

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By: Ian SchoenPublished on 02.14.17
TMBA375: How 100s Of Young Entrepreneurs are Making Generational Wealth in Less Than 5 Years post image

In the past, Dan and Ian have explored what they like to call the "Amazon Gold Rush" on this podcast.

Today's show is inspired by someone that Dan recently spent some time with who is knee deep in that movement. Kevin Graham is the founder of Bulk Buy Hosting, but he has also made a considerable amount of money through his own Amazon affiliate business.

The Amazon ecosystem is a huge opportunity, and is creating generational wealth for many crafty, young entrepreneurs.

Kevin has had this kind of success, and on this episode, we will walk you through every step of how to create one of these businesses and get them ranking in search engines.

This is one of the most business-focused episodes we have ever done on this podcast. If you are considering this path in your online business ventures, this is the episode for you.

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By: Dan and IanPublished on 02.09.17
Can You Become Wealthy in Just a Few Years? post image

This week on the podcast, we’re inviting a guest who’s had an incredible amount of success building Amazon affiliate sites. In just a few short years out of his job, and focusing on his business, I think it’s fair to say he’s built himself meaningful wealth. One thing that’s interesting about this space is that...

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By: Dan AndrewsPublished on 02.07.17
TMBA374: Are You An Entrepreneurial Person? post image

A few weeks ago, Dan and Ian sent out an email to the listeners of this podcast, in an attempt to get to know the audience a little better.

They were excited to find out that many of the listeners of this podcast consider themselves to be entrepreneurial, but they don't have their own business yet. They were also excited to meet some young, entrepreneurial minds at a recent Dynamite Circle Junto, and they decided to start exploring what it means to be an entrepreneurial person.

This week's episode is for those people. If you haven't started a business yet, but you are ready to find a way to turn your dreams into aspirations, this is the episode for you.

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By: Dan and IanPublished on 02.02.17
“The Lifestyle Design fringe is actually that unevenly distributed future” post image

Last February, on the TMBA podcast, we published a conversation with Venkat Rao, author of I enjoyed talking with him very much, and listeners made it clear that they liked it as well. Many went on to read Venkat’s books and articles. A few things that Venkat said, during that conversation, have continued to...

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By: Dan AndrewsPublished on 01.31.17
TMBA373: Should You Base Yourself in Southern Europe? post image

This episode is the first in a series in which Dan and Ian attempt to answer one of the fundamental questions that all location-independent entrepreneurs eventually ask themselves: If I can live anywhere, where should I live?

On this week's show, they will be focusing on two countries in Southern Europe: Spain and Portugal.

To learn a bit more about Portugal, Dan reached out to Dr. Shannon Weeks, a Natropathic Doctor and Applied Kinesiologist, to share his experience about establishing residency in Portugal and his home city of Lisbon.

You'll also hear Ian speak to Dan about a little bit of his own personal story, as both he and his girlfriend have established residency in Spain.

Listen in as Shannon and Dan share their perspectives on visas, taxes, culture and more.

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By: Dan and IanPublished on 01.26.17
How Others Can Help When You’re First Starting Your Entrepreneurial Journey post image

I was on the phone with a friend this week who aspires to get his PhD in the next few years. They are notoriously difficult to complete -- with deadlines sometimes years away and distant advisors, it’s easy to procrastinate and feel isolated in the task. Despite the challenge, if you can push through the years of effort...

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By: Dan AndrewsPublished on 01.24.17