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TMBA394: What Happened to Technorati?

TMBA394: What Happened to Technorati? post image

One of the things that Dan and Ian are most passionate about is finding great blogs and podcasts.

These days, the internet seems to be getting smaller and smaller. You really need to dig deep to find unique content, and a lot of it is being made in the most remote corners of the internet.

Once upon a time, though, there was a search engine that highlighted blogs themselves.

Richard Jalichandra is the former CEO of, which at one time was considered by many to be the gateway into the blogosphere. During their quest for great blogs, Dan and Ian became curious as to why this company disappeared.

On this week's episode, Richard shares the story of Technorati, as well as the details of his long and storied career in the early days of the world wide web.

TMBA393: How to Pitch

TMBA393: How to Pitch post image

It's safe to say that Dan and Ian get a lot of pitches in their inbox.

These pitches come in a variety of forms, but the people that send these pitches often follow a lot of the same archetypes. In general, there is a whole lot of asking going on.

On today's episode, Dan and Ian will be following up on their recent sales episode, and providing some useful, actionable information on how you can pitch people successfully through cold emails.

First, they will be sharing some successful pitches they have received, as well as the types of pitches they dread seeing in their inbox.

They will also be sharing a three-step formula to creating winning pitches that won't end up being archived or deleted.

TMBA392: Should You Move to Chiang Mai?

TMBA392: Should You Move to Chiang Mai? post image

This week's episode is another chapter in a long-running series on this podcast, where Dan and Ian have been exploring the locations around the globe that entrepreneurs are moving to.

Today, you will hear from two entrepreneurs who have made Thailand, and more specifically the northern capital of Chiang Mai, their home bases for the portion of a year.

Philippe Bordeau is the founder of He shares his story, including the details of a Visa that he has acquired that allows him to be a resident of Thailand for up to 6 years at a time.

Leanne Woodmass, along with her husband, runs an Amazon Fulfillment Brokerage. She has been living in Thailand for the past few years.

You'll hear how a community of expats and entrepreneurs enticed them both to stay in Chiang Mai.

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The Alchemy of Pitching – What To Consider When Selling Yourself or Your Business via Email

The Alchemy of Pitching – What To Consider When Selling Yourself or Your Business via Email post image

This week’s podcast outlines our thoughts about how to be more successful making pitches, and cutting deals, via email. Ahead of that episode, TMBA’s producer Jane, has agreed to share some thoughts about how to reach out to podcasts - and other media outlets - drawing on her experience working at the BBC and with shows...

Business Class in London

Business Class in London post image

I've said for a while now: it’s better to travel to a more obscure location where you know people than to travel to a world-class destination where you know no-one. But, in the case of London, I’m say I am lucky enough to say that I've had both. I’ve spend the last 3 weeks here...

The Middle Class Mind

The Middle Class Mind post image

I was in Barcelona to attend a business conference. One evening, a small group of us found our way to a fancy bar with quiet music. We knew each other - we’ve met all around the world, from developing-world resorts to New York City cafes. Our conversations are mostly stories and laughs with like minds....

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