TMBA 181 (LBP150) – Imperfection and Getting on With It

TMBA 181 (LBP150) – Imperfection and Getting on With It post image

Dan and Ian are back this week after an ill advised April fool’s joke earlier this week.  Don’t panic though, according to the fellas, the podcast is the best part of their business so they’re not going anywhere… except Paris where they’re hanging out this week.

Rather fitting for this episode, Dan and Ian talk about imperfection in business and how it’s not all rose petals and unicorns.  The stars won’t align themselves for you so tune in to hear the top five things that new entrepreneurs tend to spend too much time worrying about instead of generating income.

Get it Out to the World

  • Why going for perfection can become a mental crutch to your business growth.
  • The mindset about personal finances that can set you free.
  • How you’ll never have perfect timing to ask for the sale so just start asking.
  • Why you don’t need to worry about your incorporation paperwork so much.
  • The ground zero method of getting started on the right financial foot.


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Published on 04.04.13
  • This episode should be REQUIRED listening for every single aspiring / beginning entrepreneur.

    When I started my site…

    – The design was a free wordpress theme and the logo was my own (horrendous) photoshop creation

    – I didn’t really have a masterful USP… or any USP, honestly.

    – The Paypal button was not working (which I only discovered AFTER running paid ads, with 55 people clicking on the “Buy Now” button and getting an error) – I’m still not sure how I screwed that up.

    – A pathetically small number of people (namely, 3) bought my product even after I slashed the price by 66% – and then there were technical problems with the delivery of the product.

    – When I did manage to sell an e-book, there were several errors in it (and I’m in the language-teaching niche, oops) as well as a small section of the book that I had FORGOTTEN to translate out of Portuguese (the language I originally wrote it in) ::facepalm::

    I’m sure there are plenty more missteps that I’ve blocked from my memory. And yet I’ve made thousands of dollars of sales, had hundreds of happy customers, and the biz is doubling every six months. Even though I’m STILL not doing everything “right.”

    It really feels like riding downhill on a bicycle that you’ve built yourself (with no brakes) that constantly feels like it’s falling apart and you have to somehow steer it and replace parts on the fly.

    …wouldn’t trade it for the world! ;-)

  • Far out! I fell for Steve @ Nerd Fitness’ april fool’s joke, too! (For a second..)

    Glad to have you both back in my earphones :)

  • Welcome to France.

  • man u guys nearly gave me an emotional heart attack. glad to hear it was a joke lol

  • Mike

    New listener…heard Dan on a podcast with Shane Melaugh and thought I should check this out. Glad I did. Thanks guys!

  • Dan

    Cheers :)

  • Dan

    Sorry about that ! :)

  • Dan

    Thanks Mike !

  • Dan

    :) Thanks Emma.

  • Dan

    AND THAT is why you are still in the game. LOVING watching you rock this business out.

  • haha, I also started with a Yahoo Store using one of their free templates back in 2007 (right after reading the 4HWW). It was one of the ugliest things I’ve ever seen but I sent traffic to it and it converted. I used profits to hire designer and also to hire an accountant a few months later to set up an S Corp for me and start handling my bookkeeping.

    Long story short – it’s all about taking those first steps. You can only improve and grow a business after you start it.

  • Dan

    yeah buddy… man that was rough… :) Sounds like we had a similar journey

  • Ryan

    did you guys ever consider hiring some kind of fresh-out-of-school fashion designer to design variations on the mox litter box? seasonal replacement tops?

    and possibly investing more into the blog. I’m sure that in itself could’ve churned out affiliate sales let alone traffic

    I’m curious about the conversations you guys had about this kind of thing

  • yeah we talked about everything! ultimately we focused our energy on B2B marketing b/c it had greater returns.

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