TMBA 262: How to Make Your First $1,000 Online

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With over 260 episodes published, some of our listeners have been asking us which episodes of our show are the best to share with people who want to learn more about the location independent lifestyle. We thought this posed a pretty interesting challenge, and we’ve decided to create a five part series that people can download to get an overall sense of what the location independent startup community is all about. On this first episode in the series, we are going to be going over five key points on how to make your first $1000 online.

Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • What it means for us to be part of the location independent business community.
  • The five key tenants of our business mindset.
  • Why it might be better to start with a service business if you are starting from scratch.
  • How to build yourself a job where you learn lucrative skills.

The 10 Part Recommended Starter Guide

Seth Godin’s Startup School is probably better than anything we’ve done in terms of being clear and structured about the fundamental principles to starting what we call a “lifestyle business.” Our episodes tend to use more jargon and are much less elegant, but can provide more granular insight into how people create location independent businesses. We also offer some specific strategies that Seth doesn’t touch on.

  1. 1 of 5 – How to Make Your First $1,000 Online
  2. Dreamline 3.0 – A Simple Approach to Getting What You Want in Life
  3. Explaining the Entrepreneurial Worldview to Family and Friends
  4. “10 True Clients” Business Models
  5. Rip, Pivot and Jam: The Strategy That Launched Our Newest Product Line
  6. The Rise of Productized Services

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Dan & Ian

Published on 09.18.14
  • John

    cool podcast, but saying “boss-man” every 5 sentences is starting to scratch the brain after a while..

  • good point! will keep that in mind and let editor know too

  • no way, keep saying it. it’s funny!

  • haha I just listened to it, agree I kinda started to crutch on that word almost like “um”… i’ll of course keep calling bossman the bossman :) but I’m gonna take up John’s advice and trim this episode up a bit so it’s more listenable.. also we’ll be putting this series on our about page etc so might be worth doing a little more editing than normal

  • Thanks for adding the episode time! :D

  • yeah buddy SOP has been updated, the “Thomas Howard” clause :D

  • Completely agree with niching down your service. When I started SEO I was trying to do it all. I didn’t want to do it all. Decided to only focus on one area of SEO and offer that. If my clients ask about other SEO avenues I direct them quickly how to do it themselves and save themselves money. Even put together a little PDF on “How to do on-page opimization” which has links to the free online SEO tools, so they can see what their competitors are ranking for. My clients get “free” advice, they like me more, and I get they monthly paypal deposit in my account.

  • Dev


    This is a a bit off topic but have you guys seen that CurbStand just raised $3M for their Valet Parking App?

    There was an article about them on VentureBeat this morning.

    And while off topic, this does relate, however, to the whole Boostrap vs. Raise VC money conversation. I do think that this topic is not addressed enough in the “boostrap entrepreneur”/”location independent crowd” circles. Too many people view Bootstrap vs. VC as a complete dichotomy whereas really one should talk about VC money as a leverage just like any other leverage in business (e.g. access to inexpensive reliable manufacturing).

    With commoditization of tools and resources required to build startups, leverages such as access to growth capital will play an ever-increasing role in the future.


  • Keith Cook

    Preach it! Loved this episode.

  • cheers Keith!

  • Saw that thanks for the link! I think when it comes to “making a great living for oneself anywhere” leverage of this sort will play less of a role in the coming future because of the commoditization of the tools as you said… the next half decade for LI entrepreneurial types could look like using those tools to service niche industries.

    yeah I don’t know what to say I’m just not a big fan of taking VC money, I guess I just don’t run in those circles. I don’t like loans. my guess would be that on this show we are more likely to talk about being the VC (or a mini version of one) rather than taking money from one.

  • nice!!! certainly would be a great case study for others to learn from Matthew, for some psychological reason (i guess trying to cover all the bases for potential clients) people have a really really hard time with this!

  • TJ Nelson

     I’ve been in the USA for a few months now. I can’t even begin to describe how valuable “bumping” into other entrepreneurs and getting lunch on the fly with awesome people on the same wavelength is.

    For one you can’t survive at all where I’m at without a car, and 99.999% of people are working jobs.

    I miss livin abroad and having that community every day and just might have to escape for the winter.

    Thanks for podcast and reminding why I started what I did in the first place. 

  • you got it man, sure we’ll bump into each other soon. good point about the cars, that plays a role too. living a car-based and built society is a whole different scale than walking or motorbike based places

  • Just started myself in India with a web design and development outsourcing company.

  • Dan are you still doing parts 2 – 5?

  • we are!!! got the drafts already just been meeting so many cool people lately (and working on the conference) that we’ve been running interviews. I suspect we’ll get back on the series end of October when Ian and I will be together in Japan.

  • Awesome. I’m leaving for the airport now, see you guys soon :)

  • very cool. I never beliefed in the whole potcast thing.. But you have changed my mind! Still working on my own 1000 online.. Sooner or later it will be :)

  • Cliff Lang

    I beg to differ LOL!! A podcast without “Bossman” would be like a podcast without “Yeah Buddy!” Keep it up.

  • ha! thanks :)

  • cheers!

  • Win Nguyen

    Holy fuck Dan and Ian. Goosebumps listening to this episode, albeit a little late. Need to listen to this a couple times. So good and so on point “who wants to get on the phone with people and ask them why they are not buying”…

  • Bunty

    I still send this episode to this date for people who have no clue about this lifestyle.

  • thank you!

  • Few years later and I’m still sending noobs this episode. Is parts 2-5 revamped somewhere else?

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