Fund Your World Travels Starting Today – 2 New Job Opportunities

Fund Your World Travels Starting Today – 2 New Job Opportunities post image

Between working on our October DC event, planning for our October Tropical MBA, and working directly with the attendees of the August TMBA (which is wrapping up today), I haven’t made much time to write.

Things have been pretty crazy, which is why we are hiring. If you know anybody who’d like to work for our company, please forward this post to them!

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Job Opportunity #1 : “Online Marketing Manager For a 7 Figure e-Commerce Business” 

You might have gathered from pervious job opportunities we’ve posted on this site — we don’t pay a lot and the work ain’t pretty, but you sure as hell will learn a lot.

You’ll have as much responsibility as you’d like to take on. You’ll be in charge of sites like Eventually, you’ll know how every product works, understand the environment in which it’s used, and know more about these industries and products than any other online marketer. Great marketing isn’t just about keyword research.

To be an effective marketer on our team you’ll be:

  • Developing relationships with online publishers
  • Building strategic linking partners
  • Monitoring our Google rankings on a weekly basis
  • Developing and testing on-site optimizations
  • Working with our California sales team to craft and execute marketing strategies and
  • Interacting directly with my business partner @AnythingIan to get it all done.

Let’s call a spade a spade– this is a job. Our business has more than doubled every year since it’s founding, and we want to keep it that way. We don’t have a lot of time or tolerance for people who aren’t passionate about results.

I am all about entrepreneurship, but if you sign up for this role I’d like you to be able to emotionally commit to spending a few years working for our company. I want you to express your best ideas through the context of our organization and help us to get to our goal of a $4M run rate business by the end of 2013.  If you can be a major player in our success, the opportunities for you will be explosive. It isn’t for everyone, but it’s been our particular experience that the best way to become an entrepreneur is to work for one.

When you are ready to start your own thing, after helping us double or even triple our efforts, you’ll get our 100% support.

When you join our team, you’ll be trained on a broad range of skills including: SEO, PPC, email marketing, WordPress development, and copywriting. You’ll be creating weekly reports about our organization’s online footprint (and it’s performance) every Friday. It will be challenging. 

We prefer that you are Asia based, since we’ll be here for much of 2013 and we want to work directly with you. We’d like you to make it to the October 1st Tropical MBA in Puerto Galera, Philippines. We’d also love to have you at the DC BKK meet-up on October 19th directly after.  We have no required hours, no required locations, but we’d like somebody focused on the work 100% — so if you need some help securing a sweet place somewhere in South East Asia, we’ll do our best to tour you around and help you find the spot.

Here’s how to apply:

  1. We will only accept applications via Youtube video. The quality of your video is not important. You will not get extra points for fancy editing.
  2. Please keep your video under 3 minutes – talk about yourself and why you are uniquely qualified to join us.  Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
  3. In the description of the video, link to other projects you’ve been working on, your personal website, blog, or resume.
  4. Let us know the date you are available to start.
  5. Send us a link to the video– your preferences should be “unlisted and can only be viewed by those with a link”– to “ and copy” with the subject line format: “[First and Last Name] TMBA Application [Job Opportunity I’m Applying For].”
  6. Application deadline is August 21st, 2012.


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Here’s Jono, myself, and Joe at the August TMBA hanging out in your new front yard.

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Job Opportunity #2 : “Live at a Resort in the Philippines For 4 Months for Free”

So far my good friend Sean has graciously hosted 3 online marketers at his resort— the last guy, John McIntyre, has been here almost a year, has made some insane progress, and has started his own freelancing copywriting business. John also does some of the work here at the Tropical MBA, inlcuding our Tropical MBA Crash Course, and some work for our Tropical MBA in-person events.

This model has been proven, is a great time, and works for a certain kind of individual— namely— one who’s dead set on not having a job. That means you might have a little something going already, perhaps you’ve got a big nut saved up, or maybe you just want to chill out on a Tropical island for a few months. There’s no question— you’ll be treated like a king (or queen!) Included in the deal is a free room at Badladz resort, 3 full meals a day, free laundry service, and free use of the Badladz motor scooters. It’s a good time!

So what’s the catch? Well it’s not all fun and games— you’ll be expected to spend one whole working day serving as the resort’s marketing director per week. You’ll also be expected to help out as the resident ‘expert’ on a day to day basis. This isn’t for people who are counting hours. We are looking for helpful team players willing to be part of the Badladz crew, plus put in a rock solid 8 hours every week doing online marketing for the resort.  Everyone in Puerto Galera will get to know you and you’ll become part of the family here at Badladz.

When Tropical MBA events roll into town, you’ll be expected to notch it up and help out with the event planning and execution. We might even toss you a few bucks for your help— but don’t expect it. Like I said, we are cheap bastards! But here’s the catch— in our little econsphere there are tons of opportunities— including the immediate ones to help market the resort as an event location. In fact, my buddy Sean is such an entrepreneurial lad he’d be more than willing to cut a commission deal with you if you can bring any big groups to his resort.

That’s all going to depend on what kind of entrepreneur you are, but what you can count on is 8 hours, once a week, focused on the basic marketing tasks of the resort:

  • Sales oriented
  • Working with online booking websites and online merchant services
  • General tech support around the resort.
  • Event Marketing, Event Manager
  • Super WordPress literate
  • Functional SEO for websites and YouTube videos (Sean’s videos have over 350,000 views!!!)
  • Willing to help out in a big way for Tropical MBA events (that might even require traveling to Manila to help meet and greet students + help organize workshops and events etc…)

If you apply for this position, you’ll get bonus points if you are availalbe to be here in Puerto Galera by the time our next in-person Tropical MBA event starts— October 1st, 2012. You’ll get trained directly from John McIntyre himself! 

Here’s how to apply:

  1. We will only accept applications via Youtube video. The quality of your video is not important. You will not get extra points for fancy editing.
  2. Please keep your video under 3 minutes.
  3. In the description of the video, link to other projects you’ve been working on, your personal website, blog, or resume.
  4. Let us know the date you are available to start.
  5. Send the video– your preferences should be “unlisted and can only be viewed by those with a link”– to “” with the subject line format: “[First and Last Name] TMBA Application [Job Opportunity I’m Applying For].”
  6. Application deadline is August 21st, 2012.
*  *  *

As always, thank you for your interest in the opportunities here at the Tropical MBA, and thanks for sharing it with your friends!




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Published on 08.14.12
  • This gig changed everything.

    In June 2011, I arrived home after a four-month trip overseas. I didn’t want to be there. I hated the office. The corporate crap. While looking for ways to avoid doing my work, I found this, applied, got accepted and promptly moved to the Philippines.

    In the last 10 months, I’ve had the most amazing time. I’ve done all the touristy stuff in the area. Scuba diving in some of the best locations in the world. Lots of parties. I’ve been spoiled rotten by the resort! They cook all my meals, they clean my room, they do everything. They are fantastic.

    On top of that, I’ve had a freaking blast hanging out with Dan and Ian. Just spending time with them has been a ridiculous learning experience.

    Hands down, that’s been one of the best parts of coming.

    I couldn’t recommend it more.

    To the right person, this could be the opportunity that starts you along a new path. It sure did for me. I don’t think I’ll ever have a job again in the traditional sense. Boo yah!

  • Yeahhh buddy! Big things on the horizon for TMBA.

  • Some sweet opportunities for sure!! I’ve meet a few of the previous interns and they are doing some awesome stuff!! Epic way to jump start your future and shorten your learning curve

  • Razaberry

    Shweet! I’ve been wondering when the next TMBA gig would come round. Talk soon then.

  • I would apply to the first role as it looks awesome, but Dan & Ian said that my lack of hair wouldn’t be appropriate for the job. Funnily they said that only applied to me? So even if you are follicly challenged, that gig would be the best job going to learn how a WORKING business actually operates.

    Anybody can slap up an ecommerce store these days, but if you aren’t getting clients then you never learn about vendor relations, sales, marketing, operations, leading teams of people, etc.

    You better apply now before I convince the boys to overlook my hair shortcomings and steal the role from you.

  • Dan

    hired!!! :D Can’t wait to catch up this week man, we’ve got a ton to talk about….

  • Dan


  • Dan

    Thanks Jono. That means a lot given you’ve met me and still manage to say it!!! :P

  • Dan

    thank you John, I’m looking forward to the next 5 years….

  • Dan

    indeed good sir!!!

  • Looking forward to hearing about it. I think that it will be nice when Harvard loses some of their tuition money thanks to somebody who goes to the Tropical MBA.

  • Dan

    Thanks for your support as always Srini, if they are lookin’ to be a hustler, much better off hangin’ with our crowd for sure. :)

  • Me too mate, it’s been too long. Also want some spiritual guidance on the podcast, as well as I need to record 5 mins of your time as there can only ever be one FIRST guest and it has to be you.

  • Absolutely ridiculous opportunity. Why someone would not apply is beyond me. If you got around 40+ before, I’m sure you’ll get 80 this time.

  • Dan

    thanks Johan!!!

  • James Shannon

    Hey, I STAYED at Badladz when I was travelling through the Philippines this past Spring … amazing Mexican food in a place where you couldn’t further away from Mexico, comfortable beds, great selection of TV channels for my downtime late at night and of course, fast wi-fi!

    Overall, Mindoro and Puerto Galera is a tropical getaway set apart from the mega resorts and the ravaging hordes of tourists that descend on places like Phuket and Boracay … check it out everybody, you shan’t regret it!

  • You’re such a kiss-ass.

  • I was trying to convince Johan to apply for Badladz internship. Gave him the hard sell, too. If I was single… yeah buddy.

  • The only traditional job you’ll have is being the CE-Oh Yeah of your own company. Everyone keep an eye on John, he’s turning into a force of nature.

  • baller opportunities for sure. but i’ve joined ava’s team and super excited by the possibilities. who knows, we might start up tropical internships ourselves :D

  • When I started the TMBA semester 3 internship in May 2011, it opened up a new world of possibilities for me. And in the time since then I’ve had the ability to go on crazy adventures, meet and work with some amazing entrepreneurs, get my own projects off the ground, and make Dan/Ian a lot of cash monies.

    There are some really exciting opportunities in our businesses, especially the Portable Bar Company. We need someone to help us take them to the next level.

    For the right person this job opportunity is life changing and then some.

    But you will face stiff competition. When I applied there were 49 other applicants, this time around there will be even more. The bar keeps getting raised higher and so you will really need to take care and spend a lot of time planning out your application. Good luck applicant… and maybe you will be working with me by October.

  • Love tossing me some Dan salad. You want maple syrup or jam?

  • Pot this is kettle, kettle this is pot… Who are YOU to talk about ass-kissing bro, you sure seemed to have lips attached firmly to Ryan Holliday’s buttocks the other day… #loveyalikemyolderuglierbrother

  • Bill Donato


    This is a long-term mastermind secession. It is rare to find like-minded people!!

  • This an awesome opportunity for anyone who wants to be location independent and leave the rat race.

    Either opportunity will give you an amazing head start. I quit my job 6 months back, hit rock bottom shortly after and now my business is almost making six figures. I’ve did all of this in the last 2 months.

    When you leave your day job everything becomes real. You only have one option and that’s to make it work. So I wouldn’t call it an unlucky victim, but an opportunity of a life time.

    If you’re on the fence about applying for this because your not sure if your ready to quit your job, trust me you’re!!!!

    Join Dan’s team and learn from a real entrepreneur. I learned the hard way, but the fastest way to the top is learning from someone who already has a successful business.

    Leaving your job will be the best decision you ever made, I know it was for me ; )

  • You read my mind. I already planned on this next spring ; )

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  • What an amazing opportunity! Really looking forward to showing what I can do for Badladz and the Tropical MBA. Just sent in my application!

  • Mike

    App sent.

  • Ian

    Oh yeah! Exciting time ahead. I just sent in my application, so please feel free to shoot me a message if you have any questions or comments.

    You’re a rock star for making this opportunity possible. Big thank you from Cebu!

  • Sheyi

    Dan, nice offer here. I am the best man for this offers BUT internet in Nigeria will not allow me to upload video. It is just too slow. As I have dreamt (and will come to pass) to work with you guys and Adsense Flippers guys in Phes, I still have the believe it will happen soon. Since i can’t apply now (due to the criterias) I will maybe get my phes visa and come down to see you guys.

    Keep doing the right things and $4m in 2013 will be more than achievable. Infact, I see you topping $8m – you’ll all see.


  • I can’t even express how excellent this opportunity would be for so many people, i might just pop over to see you guys at some point for fun. I’m sure there’s something we could do together…

  • Dan

    Cheers thanks Ian!

  • Dan

    I hope so Sheyi… sorry to hear about the vid thing! Guess we’ll see ya anyways!?

  • Dan

    Cheers Michael!

  • Dan

    Boom! Make sure i sent you an email back confirming!

  • Dan


  • Dan

    haha yeah man thanks for the big shout!!! hope all is well….

  • Dan

    hey Bill, it’s very difficult to find people who are as sick and twisted as ourselves!!! :D

  • Dan

    thanks Dave!!! You freakin’ crush it for our business, you can be the boss anytime, just let me know when you are free…

  • Dan

    cheers James thanks for that !!! yeah not such a terrible spot to do a little work eh?

  • This has to be the best job going anywhere!

  • Yessir. Got it.

  • Bill Donato

    Although I am interested in opportunity 2…. if selected, i would like a mobile bar installed in my room!

  • Ahh! Can’t believe i came across this opportunity a few days late! I’ll be putting my video together today and sending it over regardless. Hope I can still be considered!!

  • Really cool opportunities here. I found it the day of the deadline, but that’s OK because I don’t think I could apply now anyway. I was wondering though if you can think of any resources that compile awesome job offers like these?

  • I TOTALLY second that question. Seeing as TWF is dead, is there anything else that compiles awesome entrepreneur job offers?

  • I’m so mad that I only discovered this site as of this morning. I missed out on everything =(

  • haha yeah man you guys are the real deal. I was stoked on the opportunity to get to know you and Ian and see the hustle first hand.

  • Dan


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