What’s Happening in 2018 at the TMBA?

What’s Happening in 2018 at the TMBA? post image

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Occasionally we’ll be putting out a ‘Tuesday podcast’ with some news and ways you can get involved beyond the main TMBA show. I’ll make some notes below but, if you’re interested in our new ‘finding your dream job’, attending one of our events, or hearing what’s in store for 2018 at the blog, I recommend you listen to today’s show, which has more details than the post.

Some readers have emailed me this month saying you’d like to see more TMBA blog posts. I appreciate that!

Last year there were a few that many of you shared with your friends and colleagues, the most popular being:

Although there are no new posts this week, we’ve focused our writing energy into producing a new book. 

The tentative publish date is March 13th. Sign up for email notifications and you’ll be the first to know about it.

Ways to Get Involved with the TMBA

Here’s some things going on in Q1 and 2018:

  • Change your career by joining a new team. Many of the most popular articles, over the years, here at TMBA have been ‘hiring posts’, where we seek to find operations and marketing professionals for innovative companies growing distributed teams. We’ve done this many times for our friends and colleagues, and now we’re doing it officially. If you’re seeking a job with more freedom and flexibility be sure to follow Dynamite Jobs this year.
  • Send us an email. We love hearing from you. We read every email we receive (understand that we often cannot respond to complex inquiries). Have feedback for us? A question for the show? Seeking an investor? Feel we should be doing something we’re not? Go ahead and drop us a line. Dan or Ian at Tropical MBA dot com. If your question is podcast related, you can talk to our producer directly Jane at TropicalMBA dot com.
  • Sponsor the TMBA podcast. This year we’re happy to announce our 2018 sponsors Growth Ninja and Empire Flippers. The quality of readers and listeners here at the TMBA has always impressed me and, clearly, our sponsors. We still have slots left for Q2 and also beyond in 2018. If you’re interested, email Ian directly Ian at TropicalMBA dot come.
  • Join over 1,000 established entrepreneurs in our community, who participate in a variety of activities designed to grow great companies:
    • April 14th Official Conference in Austin, TX USA
    • October 18th Official Conference in Bangkok, Thailand (“DCBKK“, our biggest annual event).
    • Member organized events (ranging from 20 to 100 attendees) this year in HCMC, Gold Coast, Mexico City, Tbilisi, Taipei, Barcelona, Budapest Lisbon, NYC, and Hong Kong.
    • Monthly global informal meetups.
    • Bi-annual facilitated virtual mastermind groups (that run for 6 months) with those with like minds, experience, and goals (last week we facilitated 47 new groups).
    • Amazing things happen at these events, which is why so many members return year after year.

The DC has a ton of moving parts, so if you’re curious or have questions please let us know.

Most of what happens here at the TMBA happens below the blog, but we’ll do our best to post some thoughts here from time to time.

Thanks for reading and hope you’re off to a great 2018.


Published on 02.06.18
  • Paul Bleisch

    I didn’t expect much out of a news update but your comment about “aligning trajectories” while talking about Dynamite Jobs struck me. I was driving at the time and had to write a post-it note reminder to think about this more.

    I always look for “aligned goals” before “aligned methods” when working with people. But aligned trajectories takes this further in my mind. Don’t just be aligned on where you are and the direction you want to go but acceleration as well.

    You guys can’t even do a simple news episode without throwing some insight in too.

  • Better be and audiobook version too….You know how I feel about reading books (^_-)

  • More blog posts please :)

  • Seán Feehan

    Nice one guys. Great to hear have a rough outline for what we can expect from the TMBA (btw is the name change still going ahead?)

    I’m guilty of pestering you guys in the past and I think your jobs site is a great platform that you lend to others.

    Blog posts would be great or something like the Ferris Bulletin

  • yes I’m looking forward to trying to record it.

  • yessir i’d like that :) BTW do you guys find Disqus to be a PITA? I’ve gotten some emails from readers saying they have a hard time commenting.

  • fantastic to hear! It’s a concept Ian and I have spent a lot of time thinking about specifically when it comes to building teams and finding that trajectory overlap period where teaming up can be a huge win/win

  • name change got iced because the names we liked ended up being problematic and then … ya know… we got so dang busy.

    Pod is full speed ahead for 2018 would love to post more here as well.

  • Tuesday Newsday FTW!

    Loved the ep.

    Hate Disqus. I had to use Safari to even get here, it just hangs in Chrome. It causes issues with Google. We ditched it.

  • Looking forward to the book! Can you also do a print edition? If you sell on amazon, createspace (amazon subsidiary) is a snap.
    And please offer the book also in amazon’s outside the US (again very simple to set up).

  • dang what do you use instead?

  • I don’t have an issue with Disqus. Works for me every time. I just auth it with twitter and it knows me.

  • Nope. Disqus works fine for me as a straight comment. It’s adding the links and photos that causes me some grief.

  • yeah they seem pretty hardcore on the moderation, a shape though because at least for the commenters here it’s 95% positive when links and photos are included.

  • Well I noticed in your discussions it is quite positive however on other threads, the content can be quite confronting at times.

  • Will do!

  • good to know thanks Eric.

  • lots of good readers over here! :)

  • Am an avid reader although I noticed in your pods you really don’t touch on the subject of social entrepreneurship and impact investment funding but I guess I have a different type of cohort (mostly on LinkedIn). I saw your list of books over the past year. Impressive.

  • Thanks! Looking forward to the book.

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