TMBA 180 (LBP149) – 5 Tips for Managing a Software Development Project

TMBA 180 (LBP149) – 5 Tips for Managing a Software Development Project post image

The LBP has changed hands as Dan and Ian have decided to “go in another direction” with their businesses and focus on the big picture in life.  Taking over are Rob Walling and Mike Taber from the podcast Start Ups for the Rest of Us.  This week they’ll take you behind the scenes of software development and give you the top tips on what to watch out for when managing a new software project.

Whether you’re looking to develop a WordPress Plugin, Saas, iOS or web application, this episode will undoubtedly spare you some serious heartache and pain in the development process.  Follow along with the fellas this week as they impart their significant experience and intimate knowledge of software project management.

Your Business is Software.  Is Software Your Business?

  • The top warning signs you need to watch out for when working with developers.
  • Why over 80% of your software maintenance costs won’t be just bug fixes.
  • How to set proper expectations up front for developers and make sure they follow through.
  • One trick to use when sending documentation to make sure developers follow your directions precisely.


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Episode length: 16:57

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Published on 04.01.13
  • Yeah buddy!

    That was without a doubt the GREATEST episode of LBP ever. I am so excited about the new owners of the LBP.

    Finally a couple of guys with real business chops. I mean who wants to hear about cat furniture all the time?

  • This is long overdue.

    Dan and Ian were getting a big stale.

    Looking forward to some great advice from Rob and Mike :)

  • So glad Dan & Ian are gone :p. Much better job guys. They needed a mini retirement like Chris Ducker. Need one myself!

  • Hey guys, thanks for the great feedback. It’s just awesome to be able to take over such a solid show like the LBP and do what we can to raise the bar for you guys. Usually, the stuff we take over is in “disaster recovery mode”. Let us know when else you’d like to hear, and we’ll keep them coming!

  • That was unexpected. Hopefully Dan and Ian come back into podcast world in another capacity someday, I think they’re both talented hosts. Replacements good too though.

  • Yeah, I agree! Does the acquisition include the Dynamic Circle as well?

  • Finally! Now the show will actually be worth listening to… (And I haven’t listened to this episode yet). This is so refreshing, and this is a much needed change.

    I was getting so tired of hearing “we are traveling here, we are traveling there”. If I wanted a travel show, I would have subscribed to a travel podcast.

    Can you guys also get rid of the picture of Dan with the foo foo drink. That would make this transition complete. Question? Will you also be taking over their Twitter accounts? Or should I just quit following them?

    Eric Foster

  • JakeReed

    April fools?

  • I was so happy to hear about this change. I just got done listening to the latest episode, and all I can say is… By far, this is the best episode ever! There was finally some useful information and content that was worth my time.

    Side note… I hope you guys did not pay more than just a couple hundred bucks for this podcast, as you may find it to be a mistake. From what I have heard, there has been a lot of damage caused by previous podcast episodes. I know they were also having a hard time retaining their listeners… I am guessing it was because of their personalities.

    Assuming you are also taking over the Dynamite Circle, I now finally have a reason to join.

    Keep up the great job!

    Eric Foster

  • Dan

    Tell me about it !

  • Dan

    haha. see you in Tahiti?

  • Dan

    You guys rule. Next week too? :P

  • Dan

    Couldn’t part with it!

  • Dan

    hahah… i’m working on that picture :)

  • Dan


  • Dan

    true story :)

  • Ian

    Aaaaannnd, we found out today our listeners are funny!

  • Dan

    Our funny faces attract funny listeners.

  • Done been chumped!

  • Dan

    Sorry man! Listen to start-ups for the rest of us best of both worlds! :D

  • See what you guys started?… Haaa. Great job guys! That was funny as all get out. I don’t know what that means exactly… But that’s what came to mind.

  • Ahhh Dan. You can keep the foo foo drink. It adds a nice touch. Funny stuff guys. Enjoyed it.

  • Funny thing was…
    While Startups For The Rest of Us and the LBP podcasts were both very funny,
    both podcast’s sucked. :-)

    I was sitting there (the whole time) trying to make
    since of ANYTHING that anyone was saying… I was having a crappy day, so the
    entertainment value alone was well worth it.

    It’s now the 2nd, so everyone go
    back to the way you were, and carry on.

  • Ian

    Mark, we are back!

  • At first I thought Dan and Ian where sick or something, then I was waiting to hear a big “April Fools” at the end of the podcast… say it’s not true!

    I really hope it’s not, this podcast constantly pumps out great insight/advice, and has inspired me to launch my own business. Plus, Rob & Mike lack the uber-lame comedy.

    If it is true, I have to say thank you so much for the last four years and please keep the older podcast archived for purchased so it can help many others.

    Here’s to you guys, cheers.

  • Dan

    Cheers Richard I very much appreciate the kind words! It’s official, Rob and Mike cannot compete on our “cheese factor” and therefore we’ll need to take the LBP back from them. Lucky for us we’ve still got startups for the rest of us !

  • Great. Was actually looking forward to joining that community and introducing American expat lean startup entrepreneurs in sunny parts of Europe to you guys :P

  • say it ain’t so! =( where’s dan and ian?

  • Thank you God!!!

  • Brock

    Wow. Do you know how freaking upset I was when I listened to this? (Good content BTW, just not what I was looking for.) Not to mention how disappointed I was to think the two of you wouldn’t KNOW these podcast brands aren’t transferrable. I was like WTF?!? No goodbye, no nothing?!

    Ok, you got me. Thankfully this was an April Fool’s gag. I am glad I stopped by the blog first. I was so distraught, I was on my way to iTunes to delete it from my feed.

    Moral of the lesson. Don’t Fu@% with your audience. :-)

  • here here….and always mentioning how hot it is in xxxxx..I’m in Canada we don’t get the sun until July!..baller this baller that….finally some good content!….no more bike stories, no more cats! Can’t wait for episode 150.

  • AccentJim

    You two are shits. Abso-frickin-lutely you is shits!!!

  • Robert Longley

    I was a little behind on my episodes so the April fools didn’t immediately register. I do think this was probably a first for the podcasting world. I listen to Rob and Mike as well but it was sort of like a hard rock station suddenly going country. Maybe next year you can launch a new product line of cow furniture or something like that to top it :)

  • Dan

    Can do!!! :) We are back in action now.

  • Dan

    Sorry about that Jim :)

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