6-Figure Deals, Crazy for Manila, and How We Got Started in the Product Business


I’ve been SUPER busy trying to orient my actions on revenue-focused activities. Sean, Ian, and myself often use that sentence as a rubric for planning our days out. “Are these activities revenue-focused?” While part of me would prefer to be reading blogs, writing comments, and screwing around around on twitter, a lot of my non-revenue activties this month have involved banking, offices, personnel, and condos.  It can be a slow roll to get started in a new city.

We’ve made a lot of investments in 2010 and the impact is going to be profound if we can execute. That all means a little less Google Reader for me. None of this has stopped me, big ham that I am, from sneaking off to do some podcasting and videos here and there! Here’s a February roundup of TropicalMBA related content elsewhere on the web.


Baker @ The Best Personal Finance Blog in the Universe interviewed Ian and I about our approach to business and lifestyle, and how we got started in the product business. This interview was taken during our 2010 business planning trip to Thailand, where we met up with Sean and drank a lot of beer.

The “Do What You Love” Show: Episode 2 – Dan & Ian Put The Freedom in “Freedom Business” from Adam Baker on Vimeo.


This show has really been taking off in terms of listeners, subscribers, and email questions. We are getting overun by emails(!) which is a great thing,  so we are planning to open up a forum so our listeners can benefit from each others knowledge. Here’s the first episode we’ve recorded since returning from Thailand. Ian is polishing off some big deals for our business and we talk a little bit about the process of 6 Figure Deal Making.


A new blog designed to share my experience building an outsourcing office here in Manila, Philippines. I’m working on getting a Filipino to build this site, but all my guys are currently frying bigger fish. I’m looking forward to some guest posts and videos so you can hear it straight form people who are doing, including my employees. So far we’ve got 4 Episodes on the Itunes Feed. GRAB IT! (This link will open Itunes)

Direct links to the blog:

And of course I’ve been tweeting @TropicalMBA. It seems the #1 question I receive from readers is How Do I Hire My Own Employees in the Philippines? This has been a tougher question for me to answer because the channels for people who do not travel to the Philippines are surprisingly time consuming, in my experience. Hoping some bright entrepreneurs will step up an change that. Since people are asking directly for a product with this information, I’ll be hiring a Filipino employee in the next few weeks to help me construct a complete resource for the readers of this blog. Just stay on me if you don’t see anything in 6-8 weeks!

Hope you’ll continue to follow our journey this year and share with us how you are taking steps to grow your business. If you are not on the Tropical MBA email list, dear reader, you will probably get struck by lightening. You can solve that liability with 1 email address and 15 seconds.

Published on 03.02.10
  • I watched your interview on Man vs Debt and it was great. I also read the 4HWW a few months ago and it has completely opened my mind to the possibilities of life. I always knew I didn’t like working in a cubicle for The Man – but I didn’t necessarily take any real steps towards getting out of it. Now I am. I’m excited to hear more about what you guys are doing with your investments/businesses.

  • Dan

    Adrienne, the book had a similar impact one me… like “wait, I can actually do this?” I’m excited to hear about your progress and we’ll definitely be sharing a lot more this year on the podcast. Cheers!

  • travoholic

    Hey there,

    Just wanted to chime in to say I like what you’re doing. Just found you and the podcasts are very cool and what you’re doing on this blog is really interesting as well. I love The Philippines and if I could put my backpack down for long enough to actually get into work mode, I would consider a move there for sure.

    Keep doing what you’re doing. :-)


  • Dan

    Hey Kristi, thanks for dropping a note. I’m glad to hear you still have got a passion for the road. I’ve been dropping by NerdyNomad.com for years now, and your blog was especially inspiring and helpful to me back when I was traveling a lot and still trying to get some work done! You know the Philippines doesn’t have to be all work, you could carry that backpack right to Palawan!

  • travoholic

    Ya that’s true. My backpack is heading in the opposite direction but I a have a couple of friends in Manila and think the city would make a great base one of these days!

  • Dan

    Hey oh! Its settled then. Let me know when you get here… :)

  • First off, just wanted to say how much I’ve enjoyed this article. There are a lot of great resources here. I’m also very excited to see what direction outsourcetothephilippines.com takes, I’ve been looking for something very specific like this for a while. Keep up the great work!

  • Dan

    Heyo! Richard, thanks for the comment. Good news on the Outsource site, I’ve recently hired someone to help me manage the site and create a definitive resource for anyone interested in doing business in this country. We have sooo much detailed information, its just about taking the time to get it down in consumable media. Should be rolling out a ton of the free portions starting in 2-3 weeks. Most of the information will be free, hope you it can help you grow your business. You have about the coolest looking under construction site I’ve seen!

  • Lovely interview I learned quite a bit. Got the link from Muselife. I have Gary Vee’s latest book, sounds like I need to actually get to reading it.

  • Dan

    Lis, I read it. Its good. If you are super-social-media you don’t REALLY need to, but Gary gave me the guilt trip I needed. Thanks for saying hi!

  • Jon

    Sheeeezzzz, Screw $800 bucks, I would do it for free if I had the chance to learn from you guys. Keep on rockin guys. 

  • Dan

    Cheers Jon! Come on over :D

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