TMBA 194 (LBP160) – A Fireside Chat

TMBA 194 (LBP160) – A Fireside Chat post image

Dan and Ian sit down from opposite sides of the USA to bring you a nice, relaxing fireside chat and answer six personal business philosophy questions.  This episode is inspired by Joe Magnotti and Justin Cooke from the Empire Flippers and their 50th podcast episode, where they answer the same questions.

You’ll get to hear the entrepreneurial strengths and weaknesses of the fellas, their different philosophies and outlooks on business, and you’ll no doubt see why they make a great team.  Tune in this week and grab a frosty beverage because this episode will leave you compelled to lean back in your chair and do a little pondering on your own business philosophies.

If You’re Superman, What’s Your Kryptonite?

  • Ian’s phobia to sideline strategists and his simple outlook on eliminating unnecessary pre-game.
  • How your business can be an Iron Man suit used to bring out the best in you.
  • Why business grows faster thank you can imagine, but slower than you can stand.
  • Dan’s aversion to time investments and how he structures his business decisions accordingly.


Just The Tips

The Jam
  • Valerie HQ Sound” – Bruno Mars – Tribute to Amy Winehouse at the VMA

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  • June 15 – DCx Chicago
  • July 19 – DCx Amsterdam
  • October 18 – DC BKK
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Episode length: 28:25

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Published on 06.13.13
  • Theo R.

    Nice personal post, guys. When I learned Google Reader was being cast aside I used the opportunity to try to find a different way to manage how I consumed content. I manage social media for a couple of companies, so I need to organize the different news sources for those clients. Bookmarks just don’t cut it and social sharing is molded to my online presence, so content discovery on different sites just doesn’t work.

    The result: Nothing replaces RSS, which is rough since some sites are ditching syndicated feeds. Hopefully Feedly revamps that market since RSS is the only way I know of to manage live updates. If anyone knows a different way, I’m all ears.

  • Justin Cooke

    Thanks for the shout, fellas…loved the episode! You guys have a pretty good grasp of your strengths/weaknesses, I think.

    Ok…site’s sold…when are you two coming back to SEAsia so we can party it up? #BOOM

  • So happy we could be an influence here guys. We’ve come a long way baby!

    Now let’s party…

  • Deano

    Feedly is cool, but the Zutons are cooler:

  • Elisa

    What is it that they say — our greatest strengths also serve as our greatest weaknesses?

  • Dan

    AHH did not know this!!!

  • Dan

    like a see saw !

  • Dan

    Rock on we’ll be back in a few weeks!!!

  • Dan

    Totally agree, can’t believe the googes is stopping supporting a piece of software to important to content freaks oh well….

  • Ian

    Yeah buddy…

  • Sara William

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