Dan and Ian

In late 2007, we (Dan Andrews and Ian Schoen, that’s us above) started a product design and ecommerce company that grew to multi-seven figures in annual revenues. We exited that business in 2015 (wohoo!).

Over the years, we’ve shared our story via our weekly Thursday morning podcast, as well as those of the entrepreneurs we’ve met along the way.

From the beginning, we were inspired to grow a different kind of business. Sure, we wanted to build wealth, but we also wanted to be free from offices. We wanted to take months to live in foreign countries, to find time to pursue our interests, and to try and keep in mind the wide variety of motivations we had in the first place.

Themes we discuss often on our show are:

  • Old-school business know-how 
  • The artisanal approach to entrepreneurship 
  • The permanent travel lifestyle 
  • Books 
  • Heuristics for generating business ideas
  • Bootstrapping (vs. “startups”)
  • Post-corporate life 
  • Community building and events
  • The globalization of sub $10,000,000 businesses
  • Apprenticeship and mentoring
  • Team building, culture, and management

Although creating generational wealth is very often the result of these enterprises, the mindset of the TMBA community is, as one reader put it, to “create more value than you capture.”

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