TMBA 324: The Amazon Gold Rush

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First there was eBay, then affiliate marketing. Throughout its history, the Internet has offered opportunities for astute entrepreneurs to make money. And, recently, enterprising individuals seem to have struck gold selling through Amazon FBA.

In this episode Dan and Ian talk to three individuals who got inside the Amazon ecosystem early on and through trial, error and lots of hard work are now achieving great results.

Greg Mercer of Jungle ScoutBrad DeGraw of Amazon Sherpa and Kiri Masters of Bobsled Marketing share the tips, tools and tricks for success that they learnt the hard way. There’s advice about pricing, profitability, creating great listings and which products to go for. It’s a blueprint on how to make the Amazon platform work for you.


Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • Strategies that some Amazon sellers use to get positive reviews for their new products. (8:27)
  • What a “Private Label” is and why Amazon entrepreneurs are jumping at this opportunity. (10:36)
  • The differences between selling on Amazon and eBay. (12:29)
  • Some basic instructions for how to start making money through Amazon. (17:54)
  • The biggest mistakes that people are making on the Amazon platform. (26:13)

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Dan & Ian

Published on 02.18.16
  • Great podcast. Panels are good. Thanks for putting this together.
    Amazon is going to continue to encourage manufacturer’s to sell direct as this will result in the lowest price to Amazon’s customers. That means that if there isn’t true product innovation going on then you are going to be in trouble as a seller/entrepreneur.
    I think that selling products and services to people who sell on Amazon is going to continue to thrive. Sell shovels.

  • thanks Pat, agree there’s a huge opportunity in the Shovels market as all of our panelists not only sell directly but sell products complimentary to the ecosystem.

  • Great point Pat, I took a similar “shovel” approach after spotting this opportunity. I offer a productized service related to something the panel mentioned: managing 3P seller’s Sponsored Product Ads which are exclusive to Amazon’s internal search ecosystem. Its true they are simple and still early days when compared to the behemoth that is Adwords, but Google’s got a decades head start of throwing the best Ivy-Leauge minds you can hire and billions of $ at that platform. Many 3P sellers have 0 PPC experience and would rather bring on an expert. I only see the ad platform growing in both breadth and complexity as the monetization benefits are clear for amazon and beneficial for sellers.

    I really dig the panel format and the TMBA is edited so tightly these days, a real pleasure to listen to!

  • cheers Brent thanks for that and nice play! Best of luck with the business.

  • Jonathan Rollins

    I like the panel format too- makes a good change of pace once in a while from the normal interview episodes. Also, wanted to let Dan know that I really like the preview-not-quite-teaser at the end of the last couple of episodes.

  • cheers thanks! will continue to do it when i actually know what’s next :)

  • lion

    I dislike the interview episodes (unless it’s Dan or Ian tbh). Loved the panel, for the same reason I will love the case study book if you guys write one

    I just heard Ian at the built to sell podcast. lol @ ‘dynamite club…diamond circle’..

  • cheers lion appreciate it! diamond club foreva!

  • Adrian Edlington

    Another great episode. Thanks Ian and Dan. Curiously, searching for “Rich Dad’s Amazon Cash Flow Blueprint” in Google returns zero specific hits. I couldn’t find any information about it at all. Was expecting a tidy sales letter replete with spiffing side-ways scrolling opt in box… Massive discount for the next 72 hrs only.

    Regards, Adrian.

  • hehe cheers Adrian glad you dug it!

  • The AntStand

    Great Show. I just setup a merchant account with Amazon and they sent me a letter stating that I could not use the store as I was not a US citizen.
    Am I screwed or does anyone know if I have any other options

  • Dan I love this podcast. I am sharing it on the Fastlane Forum where you and I did a Q&A some years ago.

  • Thanks for the podcast guys. I have been out of the game for awhile and this could be my first return step. What would be the best way to set up the store? Right now I linked 2 accounts. 1 to my Canadian Ltd corp and one as an individual. Is it possible to run through HK entity?

    I loved the interview format of this podcast.

    Thank you.


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  • Max Graham

    That was an awesome podcast. I already drank the cool-aid a while back but it’s interesting to see others view’s. Amazon is still clearly growing but it looks like their most profitable arms are NOT ecommerce. Rather its their hosting and cloud services. I can see them being the next FedEx too at this rate.

    Anyways, thanks to Brad. He introduced to the Amazon model a while ago and I picked up Amasuite based on his recommendation and haven’t looked back since. Lot’s of ups and downs but the work is worth it.

  • awesome good to hear! thanks for listening.

  • Lisa

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  • Sam Ranken

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