TMBA 363: The Value of Apprenticeships

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On this podcast Dan and Ian talk a lot about apprenticeships, something they have offered in their own businesses in the past.

But, preparing for this episode, Ian undertook a little research about apprenticeships worldwide. He discovered that, in many developed countries, there’s a robust ‘apprenticeship culture’ that just does not exist in the United States.

So, on this week’s show, we are going to bring you the story of an apprenticeship told from both sides.

Jacob Puhl hired Cory Ames as an apprentice at the company Jake co-founded, called Firegang Dental Marketing. You’ll hear how their relationship started and how it evolved to where it is today, with Cory is preparing to take on a brand new role.


Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • Why Jacob ultimately decided to hire an apprentice. (3:26)
  • At what point Jake realized Cory’s potential to contribute to his company. (9:39)
  • How their relationship almost came to an abrupt end. (13:44)
  • What steps they took to salvage things. (17:35)
  • How Cory is transitioning to his new role at Firegang. (27:40)

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Dan & Ian

Published on 11.17.16
  • Another great episode guys. I think I’m actually in an apprentice where Cory’s brother was right now. Small world.

    Love the apprenticeship model. It’s changed my life.

  • Andrés Doppler

    Ian, nice to hear you back!

    Most company conflicts arise from poor communication and misaligned expectations. I am happy Cory and Jacob realigned and are back upgraded their relationship.

    Love the apprenticeship series, and would be happy to hear more of these stories!

  • putting the bossman to work! glad you dug it :) hopefully we can follow up with Cory and Jake in the future as well.

  • rockin’ me too

  • Ian

    Thanks for listening!

  • Jason Lee

    Is anyone currently looking for an apprentice who’s eager to hustle? Preferably in the digital marketing/paid advertising or FBA space.

    jasonl527 (gmail)

    I’m posting in multiple locations mentioning apprentice :)

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