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A few months back, Dan and Ian shared a conversation on this show about a failed car negotiation that Ian was involved in.

The response we received from listeners was pretty overwhelming, and the results were unanimous: people want to hear more about those types of dealmaking situations.

So, we decided to invite a very special guest on to the show.

Corey Rueth is Ian’s mentor in the world of dealmaking. Over the past few years, Corey has greatly influenced Ian’s approach and has also helped save Ian thousands of dollars.

In this episode, Corey shares his stories, tips, and strategies about what it takes to make killer deals.

These don’t just apply to car sales either. We believe that anyone listening to this episode can learn something which will help them make money in this way. And this is something which, in turn, can contribute to your journey towards personal financial freedom.


Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • How you can create a side hustle by buying and selling anything. (3:58)
  • Why it is important to build a rapport with the people you are dealing with. (13:26)
  • The benefits of pursuing complete authenticity during the negotiation process. (18:11)
  • Why it pays to be uncomfortable. (33:24)
  • Whether this business is the type of asset that someone could walk away from. (1:04:49)

Mentioned in the episode:

Car Skiing

This week’s sponsor:

This week’s episode is brought to you by Refund Retriever. Refund Retriever is an unbelievably powerful tool for any business that uses UPS or FedEx to ship their products. Refund Retriever will automatically audit your invoices for late deliveries and other billing mistakes, and will directly liaise with these shipping companies to ensure that you are receiving full credit for any refunds that you are entitled to. The best part is that their fee comes out of the savings that Refund Retriever makes for you, so you only pay when you save.

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Published on 01.25.18
  • Seán Feehan

    Great to hear what lengths Corey goes to for a side hustle. Interesting to note being up front about reselling a vehicle for profit with the seller

  • Have almost 0 interest in cars and still LOVED this Ep (friends dont let friends say “pod”).

    Love the idea of taking the ebay hustle to IRL

  • love love love the episode. master class in selling

  • bluebridgedev

    Killer original episode and follow up. I kept thinking of this Warren Buffett quote, “The stock market is a device for transferring money from the impatient to the patient.” …Offering convenience/time value for less than market cash value.

    And everyone loves that buyer who starts a deal by negging you. They’re doing you a favor by even making an offer. :)

  • Eli

    Good one, not going to trade cars, but found it useful.

  • For sure the Miata had a hardtop. Easy Miata money maker.

  • You got me on “cars”…lol. Great episode here! Don’t remember hearing if he has a dealer license now or not? I have been doing a bit of buying and selling recently as well with mostly retro video game consoles/games. That yard sale/thrift store/swap meet hustle~ (^_^)

    Everyone needs to learn how to sell better! Doesn’t matter if it’s a SAS Product or a Miata Hardtop.

  • cheers!

  • like that quote makes sense to me.

  • thanks Elliott I enjoyed it a great deal as well.

  • great to hear DT!

  • Ian

    Hey! You guys better not be steppin’ on my turf!

  • Let me know when you want to export some no-tax brand new Porsche Cayennes to China! hahah

  • Awesome episode, tried to find more from Corey online but haven’t found anything yet. Any tips?

    Directly following this episode I started buying music equipment. Im about to list my first items for sale after getting them 50% lower than the asking prices!

  • JJC

    GREAT ep! Why is it that making $2k on a car flip is so much more satisfying than selling $10k in cat beds? On my 3rd car in the past 10 months, working my way up the ladder, so this was so helpful to listen to.

    Got one for you:

  • Ian

    Those port holes!!

  • Adam

    Loved this episode. So much so that I just sent it to a kid that came to buy my old Honda that I put up earlier in the day on Craigslist…after telling me he didn’t see that it was out of state, etc, etc, etc, driving it, telling me he needed to replace his old Honda, he then decided not to buy it. 15 minutes later I get a text message saying sorry for wasting the time, he actually buys and sells cars on the side while going to school!

    I was happy to tell him that I might have made a better deal if I had heard that story AND believed it – then followed up with the link to this podcast episode. Who knows if he’ll listen, but for the sake of anyone he deals with I certainly hope so ;)

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