TMBA 225: Thoughts on Living and Working in Asia

TMBA 225: Thoughts on Living and Working in Asia post image

Happy New Year! Ian is off celebrating the holidays with his family this week, and Kaiser Soze was here hanging out when a discussion came up that we thought would be good for the show. This show is mostly about lifestyle,  but in case you’re looking for the good old fashioned business talk, below are some of my favorite podcast episodes on just that topic.

Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • If  the “rosey picture” we paint of Asia has any true merit.
  • The massive amount of set up time it requires to live in Asia (he said with a hint of sarcasm).
  • Is Asia truly a bootstrapper’s paradise?
  • Why our first commandment of success in Asia is “thou shalt not do local business.”
  • The emotionality of moving to, living in, and doing work in Asia.

People on this episode:

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Some of our favorite TMBA podcasts in 2013:

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Dan & Ian

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Published on 01.02.14
  • Dan

    Yes and yes. “How to get started” is the million dollar question! :) start with this: … then listen to our episode about productized services and go from there.

  • Elisa, I think this is the first long comment (not post) i’ve read from start to finish. Love what you said about *women* in Asia, thank you!!

    And literally laughed out loud at the i’m white enough thanks comment hahaha!

  • Gonçalo Hall

    I’m a new listener and I want to be a nomad entrepreneur. I have two businesses in Portugal, but I’m starting a new one, totally online, inspired by people like you.

    I still don’t know where to go, I love Indonesia (Bali) and I have kinda surf soul, but I also love south America, the vibe, the music, the lifestyle.. What are the major diferences for you between Asia and South America?

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  • hey thanks for listening! :) i can’t say myself because i haven’t been to SA yet besides Mexico !

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