TMBA 355: (Nate Duncan Interview) - How The Dunc'd On Basketball Podcast Became a Business in Just a Year

TMBA355: (Nate Duncan Interview) – How The Dunc’d On Basketball Podcast Became a Business in Just a Year post image

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This week’s episode is the final instalment of our three-part series about people who have turned their passions (which just happen to be some of Dan and Ian‘s personal obsessions) into successful businesses.

Today’s guest is the podcaster that Dan has listened to the most in 2016: Nate Duncan, founder and host of the Dunc’d On Basketball Podcast. Nate has only been podcasting for a little over a year but has already turned it into his full-time job.

On the show, you’ll hear Nate share how he started his podcast, grew his audience, and made the decision to leave his job as a lawyer to concentrate on developing ‘Dunc’d On Basketball’.

Stay tuned after the credits for some hardcore hoop talk as well.


Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • Why Nate decided that he was going to quit being a lawyer and create a basketball podcast. (3:56)
  • Whether or not Nate was worried about jumping into a very saturated market of sports journalism. (11:02)
  • What kind of preparation goes into each episode of the Dunc’d On podcast. (16:13)
  • How Nate went about monetizing his podcast and what kind of advertisers he is working with. (19:51)
  • What Nate would do differently if he had to start over right now. (26:14)

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Dan & Ian

Published on 09.22.16
  • Myson Jones

    I hooped in college, so I DEFINITELY loved this episode. Nate’s a baller for sure,and I would’ve loved to have him as a teammate. Question though… Successful podcast hosts suggest to niche down for an audience. How would you guys monetize the podcast if it were a more niche audience? You switch from advertising to _____ ? Courses, info products?

    I ask because I’m starting a podcast for basketball player developers and trainers, which is super niched down in the basketball market.

    Thanks for this show guys!

  • thanks Myson. One thing I’d suggest is considering doing a short series of podcasts episodes that could use as a sales tool– for example, if a basketball trainer were to listen to a 3-5 episode series on a topic you’d help them out with in your product, then they’d be much more likely to be a customer and probably a better one too since their expectations with your style would be set. The negative thing about creating a ‘show’ is that it’s, generally speaking, a ton of effort, so I’d try to create something that either has 1) large market potential or 2) high ticket customer potential. If it has neither of those I’d try to limit production costs with 1) limited run of episodes, a short series or 2) simple format like Q/A.

  • Shin

    What a stupid episode, not really sure what this has to do with business. I get you guys love basketball and podcasting but I really doubt the majority of your listeners do. I just think you wanted to talk to this guy and that is your right as the owner of the podcast, but IMO you losing track of your audience. Next to no business talk in this episode and all about basketball, not relevant.

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