TMBA 299: Getting Beyond the Blog and Connecting with Like Minds In Real Life

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One of the things that I’ve always loved about the Tropical MBA is that our listeners have found so many different ways to interact with our show. Today we’re going to be talking about how to get out from behind your computer and connect with people in real life. I’ve invited Chris Reynolds and Alex McQuade on to the show this week to talk about just that. Alex is the Director of Operations for the Dynamite Circle, and was an integral part of our Barcelona event. Chris is the founder of The One Effect and has recently started kind of an entrepreneurial revolution in Barcelona. There are 22 entrepreneurs who have moved to Barcelona to live in apartments that Chris has set up. We’ll be talking about some of the unique ways we have been able to interact with our listeners in the real world, sharing strategies for digital nomads who want to connect with people in real life, and listening to some firsthand testimonials from people who have been living in the DC Barcelona House.

Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • The top ten entrepreneurial hot spots in the Dynamite Circle community.
  • How Barcelona stacks up with other great entrepreneurial cities.
  • How Chris got the idea for the DC Barcelona House and what he has learned from the experience.
  • Why the DC Barcelona House has seen a huge increase in productivity for everyone involved.
  • How Chris transitioned from being a listener of this podcast to an active member of our community.
  • Why you should let your guard down and be a little vulnerable when you go to an event.

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Dan & Ian

Published on 07.09.15
  • @TropicalMBA:disqus Say it with me… Mede-sheen, Colombia

  • Jeff Pecaro

    …did I talk about it the WHOLE week? (I did…)

  • on it! :)

  • nah…

  • …and you just knew you had to be there…. it just “tugged” at you. :-p

  • What is this horse shit about NYC being #3???

    …and for the record, Steven is, and always will be, weird. But we love him anyway. :-D

  • haha, weird and proud of it @PeteHall:disqus

  • it’s back to #1, i’m guessing you just got off the plane!? :D

  • BOOM! Indeed. 4 hours ago. :-)

  • Yeah, buddy!

  • Great episode — the list of top cities was particularly interesting. A lot of high cost of living places, though that makes sense given the bias of **successful** location independents. For those curious, here is the list along with what the cities “whisper”:

    Top 10 DC Cities 2015
    – Barcelona (Indulge)
    – Austin (Accept Yourself)
    – New York (Success is Money)
    – Saigon (Hustle Hustle Hustle Hustle)
    – Bangkok (Anything you want whispered)
    – Chiang Mai (Hey, I’m an OK place…)
    – San Francisco
    – Prague
    – Berlin
    – Melbourne
    Honorable Mentions:

    – London, San Diego, Bali, Cebu, Medellin

    Also for those who read the show notes: The “what cities whisper” essay by Paul Graham that Dan mentioned is actually rather than what is currently linked ( ) It’s also a good read.

  • Really enjoyed this episode! Good luck applying for your entrepreneur’s visa, Dan!
    There’s another thing I really like about Barcelona that came to my mind when I went back to Germany last week. My friends had this long discussion about cars and which brand you need to have and what not. I guess this “keeping up with the Joneses” talk is not that different in the US, probably even worse.
    My impression is that Spanish people can’t be bothered too much by material things, which I find really pleasant.

  • David Schneider

    I don’t understand why Tokyo is not in the Top 10. I guess Chris needs to come over and organize a couple of DC-AKB48 Houses. Great Episode!

  • tokyo currently at #42 ! :) My sense is he’s gotta get on the horse !

  • hey Robert thanks for that, looking forward to learning more about living and doing business here in Spain. Your sense about the US is spot on, and in fact, during my last visit there it was presented to me as a benefit, like keeping up with the entrepreneurial joneses, I’m not against that in principle, it’s just not something I want in my life right now.

  • woah thanks for that Ben!!! Assume we could easily do a whole whispering episode ! got a big list in my notes somewhere.

  • Freddy Lansky

    Wow, you guys really nailed it on the “indulge” in Barcelona. Gosh I had sooooo much fun at the DC Barcelona June house and my time there but it truly is the city of temptations. I had a really hard time trying to get myself in hustle mode. I feel much more at ease here in Berlin where I’ll be spending the next month or so. Perhaps the motto of Berlin should be “Accept yourself, work hard and indulge a bit”

    It really depends on the person, some people are more disciplined than others but for me, I’ll always absorb the vibe of the city into my routine (or lack thereof). If you’re only around people relaxing an on holiday and the “have fun 7 days a week” its hard to stay focused.

  • Freddy Lansky

    it really depends on the dialect of Spanish you’re speaking, most dialects pronounce the double L (ll) like a English Y like (y-es) so could be “Mede-YEEN” or the Argentine/Chiliean Spanish you could pronounce it “Mede-sheen” but most locals in Colombia tend to pronounce it like “Mede-Jean” with like a English “J” sound for their double LLs. So pronounce it however you want Dan.

  • Chris Reynolds

    Tokyo is definitely on my list…..maybe after Rio!!!! :):P

  • Chris Reynolds

    If Steven is weird I’m right there with him!!!

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