TMBA 342: Come Down From DCBCN - 5 Things We Learned

TMBA342: Come Down From DCBCN – 5 Things We Learned post image

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Dan and Ian are pumped from the DCBCN conference they hosted this week, where over 150 entrepreneurs (and a few gate crashers) gathered in Barcelona to participate – and share – in a series of dinners, workshops, parties, beach volleyball sessions and epic bike rides.

In the episode, they’ll be talking about some of the trends that they see evolving in the lifestyle business space, as well as five things that they took away from this year’s DCBCN event.


Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • Why speakers at conferences don’t always need to have a comprehensive theory to talk about. (2:36)
  • How to figure out the best way to leverage a conference to maximize your own benefits. (8:22)
  • Why the path to growing a million dollar business is even faster than ever before. (14:15)
  • How founders are doing a better job getting out of their businesses. (15:28)
  • Why there seems to be an increase in community members investing in others. (16:32)

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Dan & Ian

Published on 06.23.16
  • ryannagy

    I would to hear more from the guy who says the path to a million dollar business is easier than ever. Can you bring him on for an interview? Also, the DCBN acronym is too wonky. I had no idea what you were talking about until several minutes into the program. It would be a service to your listeners if you put a direct link to info about the DC program so that they can go to it without digging around your site. Probably good for you guys too! cheers! – Ryan

  • great stuff Ryan, our producer was giving us the same feedback! Next time we’ll try to remove the wonk ++ bring the million dollar guy on, we are trying to book him now. Thanks for listening! :)

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