TMBA 085 (TTR5) – The Magic of Being an Expat and Stories from a Million Dollar Year

TMBA 085 (TTR5) – The Magic of Being an Expat and Stories from a Million Dollar Year post image

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Today Ian and I braved some of Indonesia’s craziest roads to find ourselves a treat from home– American coffee! We fired up our new Blue Yetti mic to share some war stories from a million dollar year in our business, waxed philosophic about the magic of being an expat, and shared some critical strategies for our business in 2012.

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Listen to this podcast and learn:

  • Some key strategies that contributed to our first million dollar year.
  • Why times have never been more favorable for people looking to travel the world.
  • How creating mission statements can be a turning point in your business.
  • Some insider info on what we’ll be doing in 2012.
  • How we met and got information from an SEO guru.

People on this show:

Episode length: 26:10

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Published on 11.14.11
  • Fred

    Hey Dan, what’s the name of the song that you used in your podcast’s intro?

  • Fred

    I forgot to ask what’s the difference between a mission and a vision. Dan said that a mission is your why, why you are doing what are doing but i thought the why was the vision and the mission is how we get to this vision but hey i’m not making a 1.000.000 a year like both of you so i’m probably wrong :D

  • Re: mission statements read Cameron Herold’s book Double Double where he talks about Painted Picture. Here’s my painted picture:

  • Great show.

    One thing with SEO is it’s also about managing risk. Travis’ strategy does have risk associated with it. There are a lot of blog networks out there and it’s pretty easy to find sources of paid links but basing a whole SEO strategy on this I think has some degree of short term and long term risk.

    For example you can easily use a free tool like to analyse a competitor’s backlinks and sort by PR. Within minutes you can determine that they have a lot of links from sources that are not exactly white hat and you can report it to Google via

    Google may ignore it (probably likely if it’s a one off) it may discount the links to your site, it may discount any outgoing links from the network (not great for your 5 figure investment assuming you will also be selling links on your sites) it may look at your overall link profile and decide that on balance it is ok.

    I believe (without really knowing) that it’s a low risk to buy links or utilise low content quality / high PR networks like this but nonetheless I think a better strategy is to focus heavily on white hat approaches as well, mainly content creation, building up a following, social media etc so Google can see overall that you have a good site. This way if it discounts the links it won’t kill your business.

    In addition I believe things like social media, link relevance, editorial type links, authorship – all indicators of an effective white hat strategy are going to be more influential in Google’s algorithm in the future and stand alone links on irrelevant low content sites will count for less and less (again just my opinion).

  • Dan

    Hey Dan, great insight here. I agree with you. What I find interesting about Travis’ strategies is the kinds of key term markets they work in (like being able to outrank expert brands, even if you are not an expert yourself… which is essentially the white hat approach) but perhaps more importantly, the ability to scale your SEO efforts effectively with cash rather than time. This is becoming more relevant to our business as we scale the number of markets that we are exploring. 

  • Dan

    Oh PS, I’m going to be very interested in your thoughts on Thursday’s LBP. 

  • Dan

    wow i love this. links going out via email. cheers!

  • Dan

    it’s called “face first” by a band i used to play in (now defunct) called syndicate, we were based in San Diego… they recently broke up to pursue other bands. i wrote the guitar parts here. 

  • Dan

    not 100% sure on this stuff.. but mission seems more like a credo relative to your market or clients ‘we do this for the marketplace’ whereas a vision can be much more expansive and set the tone for the culture of your organization… check out Laura’s link above… that stuff is very vision heavy.

  • Freckle also has a nice example of a manifesto/mission statement –

    It’s what (in part) inspired me to start working on a manifesto.

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