TMBA 081 (TTR2) – Huge Tax Breaks for Expats (Plus the 3 Biggest Tax Mistakes Expats & Travelers Make)

TMBA 081 (TTR2) – Huge Tax Breaks for Expats (Plus the 3 Biggest Tax Mistakes Expats & Travelers Make) post image

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This episode is primarily focused on tax strategies for Americans. My friends David and Carrie McKeegan were kind enough to host a pool party the other day, so I decided to bring along my mic to learn a little bit more about expat tax tricks. They run a very successful expat tax consultancy called It’s a fantastic example of a scalable “micro-multiational” lifestyle business. It’s enabled David and Carrie to travel as the please and live in some amazing places.

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David said something that caught my attention the other day. He said if you are an American traveler or an expat, the single most profound financial decision you can make is to qualify for the earned income exclusion. His caveat was “if you make under 500,000K annually in personal income.” That’s, ahem, most of us…

Listen to this podcast and learn:

  • How you could potentially save up to 40K next year in personal income taxes.
  • How Bali compares with some hot lifestyle design locations in South American, like Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay.
  • The TOP 3 BIGGEST MISTAKES American entrepreneurs make on their tax returns, and how to avoid them.
  • What exactly you need to tell the IRS about your foreign bank accounts.
  • How to optimize exchange rates to potentially save yourself 1000’s annually.
David and Carrie know a whole ton about this stuff and are trusted by TONs of Americans every year to process their taxes. (Plus they are one hell of an entrepreneurial duo, AND DC members!!!). If you are curious to learn more, just contact them at

People on this show:

Episode length: 22:45

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Done working, and directly in to the pool !!!

Published on 11.04.11
  • Another good show, Dan!  I can say, without a doubt, that this was the most entertaining conversation about taxes that I’ve ever heard– though that may be a pretty low bar to clear. LOL

  • Great show. Dude your tax rules are harsh! 
    For any Australians hanging about, use — they have lots of advice. A common mistake many Australians make is assuming our rules work the same way as the US. They don’t, and the potential for tax savings is much greater.

  • Hannah loveplaywork

    Such a relief to find people who love doing the stuff that is an instant day ruiner for me. Now if they could just turn their expertise to the intricacies and absurdities of the UK tax system, they’ve got a new client!

  • Dan

    haha… true! David and Carrie don’t actually do the taxes, they’ve built up an impressive team… but they do deal with new clients etc. I bet they could expand that way! They lived in the UK for a while! 

  • Dan

    Word Mat thanks for the tip! 

  • Dan

    Cheers Craig, I’ll take that!!! :D

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