TMBA 383: Brent Beshore and the 50 Year Private Equity Plan

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The toughest nut for Dan and Ian to crack, over the last few years, has been how to make money with your money.

How do you successfully invest in small businesses without having to run them on a day-to-day basis? Today’s guest has some really interesting answers to that question.

Brent Beshore is the founder and CEO of He has managed to do something that our hosts have dreamed of for a long time. He owns a portfolio of different businesses, and has built a successful structure for operating them.

In this episode, Brent shares his investment strategies, what things he looks for when deciding to purchase a business and why he considers treating people like people is the most important factor in his success.


Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • Why Brent decided to drop out of school and buy his first business. (6:32)
  • What the transition looks like when Brent’s firm purchases a company. (10:30)
  • How they narrowed down thousands of potential deals to a couple of genuine purchases. (29:42)
  • Why treating people decently is a competitive advantage. (37:44)
  • What Brent’s role is in these companies after the purchase. (45:32)

Mentioned in the episode:

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Published on 04.06.17
  • PapaJuju

    The transcript link takes you to the transcript for the previous episode (OTP with a Family). Just wanted to let you know.

  • Jane Beresford

    Hi … it sometimes takes 24 hours from broadcast to get the transcript up. Should be there in a couple of hours. We try to get it done asap.

  • Can relate to Process vs Intuition when vetting deals. However, I’ve also had a few negotiations go south, which could have been avoided by leaning heavier on process.

    “There’s no way to get around biz dev.” Deal flow is the bottleneck for everyone in PE, even more so now as a lot of money moves out of hedge funds due to financial regulation, and into PE firms. The question: As an entrepreneur who’s also looking to build a portfolio, is your time better spent looking/vetting deals or directly creating value? I default to the latter, all the while building a network of “intermediaries” along the way.

  • it seems the many of the best investors do a mix of your dichotomy, specifically thinking of the VC mix-up where their work at building networks and visibility for their particular capacities as investors can do both in the best cases.

  • should be up now!

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