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One of the things that Dan and Ian love about creating this podcast is that they not only get to talk to some pretty interesting people, but they also get to follow their stories as they build and scale their businesses.

About two years ago, we spoke with Brent Beshore, the Founder and CEO of

Since we last talked, Brent’s team has more or less doubled. They’ve made a decision to raise capital, bought a headquarters in Columbia, Missouri and Brent has written a book about buying businesses called “The Messy Marketplace“.

On today’s episode, we are revisiting Brent’s story and hearing how has grown since we last spoke.

You’ll also hear how things have changed since they have raised over 50 million dollars in investment capital, and why Brent decided to write a book aimed at those selling and buying businesses.


Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • Some of the ways that differs from other private equity firms. (7:48)
  • What size companies typically targets to buy and why. (16:57)
  • Why decided to raise 50 million dollars and what they plan to do with it. (25:15)
  • Why they are investing in companies with long term success in mind. (31:58)
  • How things have changed now that they are investing with other people’s money. (40:39)

Mentioned in the episode:

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Published on 01.10.19
  • Just listening and learning! Thanks for following up on this business. Very interesting stuff.

  • more to come….

  • Matthew Newton

    Can’t wait to listen to this as Brent is a legend. But that book name!

  • Aaron

    Enjoyed the interview, but the pre/post commentary seemed a little off. Not sure you guys are clear on the differences between PE and VC, from both an investor and business owner perspective.

    VC has its place, and while bootstrapped and cashflowed growth is nice, massive and rapid growth usually isn’t possible without VC money . Especially with anything tech related, moving quickly can be important as the market shifts so much.

    As a potential investor, don’t forget about angel investing if you’re interested in earlier stage investments but want to be a little more involved than as a typical VC investor. If you’re interested in more mature companies, something like investing in search funds enables you to have some control and involvement as well.

  • yeah we were shooting from the hip here got a lot of comments/emails about it and intend to the cover the topic more deeply in 2019 as it is of growing importance for those in our community

  • legend indeed!

  • Guys, sorry, can’t tell that i am very impressed with this podcast. I was waiting for deep dive into the book (it’s on my reading list) but the topic was only a fraction of the conversation.

    Speaking about qs asked to Brent: two points which I am still curious about 1) the biggest portion of recent 50 mlns mentioned comes from firm of Patrick O’Shaughnessy (25 mlns if I remember correctly). Were there any unique terms which other investors were not willing to accept? I got impression the deal was heavily based on mutual trust (or maybe even friendship) between Brent and Patrick. 2) three cos of adventures portfolio are pool-related. How the niche selected? Was it result of some specific research done by the team?

  • cheers man we’re always trying to improve! I’ve got the book on my list too I really respect Brent’s approach to business.

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