TMBA 200 (LBP165) – Building Strong Communities

TMBA 200 (LBP165) – Building Strong Communities post image

Ian is back in the US of A hanging out in California, while Dan’s living the high life in Hong Kong. The guys are looking forward to joining up in Vietnam next week, but for now, it’s time for the LBP.

This week’s topic came in from Trevor Pirtle from Real Life English who asked Dan and Ian to dig deep and spill the beans on their unorthodox but powerful ways to grow a community. He also wanted to know some of the common misconceptions people have about community building.

Set it and forget it? Forget it…

  • 2 misconceptions about building a membership community that could save your business.
  • How to embody the connector’s mentality.
  • The beneficial reading concept and how you can learn something from everyone.
  • Why advocating for ideas and not purchases can be the key to success.
  • The downfall that is the marketers mentality and what to do to avoid it.


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Published on 07.18.13
  • Hank Rearden

    Another great podcast! Perhaps I’ve missed it, but have you ever talked about visas on any of your podcasts? I’d be interested to hear what your thoughts are regarding those of us like yourselves who work remotely… It appears that we’re “technically” breaking the conditions of stay (read: breaking the law) when we enter a new country. I say “technically” because I’ve not found a single government (how typical) that has defined “remote work” or “telecommuting” properly or at all. It’s such a grey area that I’ve always adopted a “don’t ask, don’t tell” approach…

  • Leanne Beesley

    Dittoing Hank – another great podcast! I think the second half of Seth’s TED Talk is particularly poignant for anyone thinking of starting / building a community (… with an important takeaway being the flow chart around minute 14:

    “Tell a story to people who want to hear it” > “Connect a tribe of people who are desperate to be connected to each other” > “Lead a movement” > ” Make change”.

    See how telling a story comes before making the connection? Looking at that model, for a community (ie. a connected tribe) to be successful you first need to have attracted the people who’d be interested in it by telling a story. I think that’s one of the reasons that the DC is so successful… it wasn’t a community that emerged out of nowhere. Ian and Dan first began with the story (ie. Lifestyle Biz Podcast and Tropical MBA)… that’s what set the foundation (ie. step 1 in Seth’s model)… and from that, an online community could be built (Step 2)… with a culture and events and meetups (step 3), eventually members improving their businesses and their lives by the learnings and connections made within the community (step 4).

    I’m sure there are loads of different models of community building, so I’m not suggesting this is a process everyone needs to follow! Just interesting to notice how the evolution of the DC aligns with Seth’s diagram, with the actual ‘membership community’ only starting at Step 2.

  • Dan

    Hey Leanne great link there I love that talk!!!

    I agree there’s a bunch of ways to do it, for us it wasn’t completely conscious at the beginning, but I knew a lot of podcasts were missing a narrative element. Like what are the hosts doing? Who are the listeners? Back in 2009 it was pretty rare in the IM space to highlight the audience …

    Nice system you’ve got there btw! :D

  • Dan

    I don’t think we have on the podcast, but I do remember a monster DC thread on this topic. I think you are right regarding your conclusion, to date (and of course this will probably change, and this is just my experience) I have never heard of a single case of somebody getting in hot water for remote working on a tourist visa. The only rumblings I’ve heard is Thai consulates being prickly and inconsistent abroad, but I’ve never heard of a case of somebody just plain not being able to resolve the issue. One exception might be those trying to remote working from the USA ! :)

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