TMBA 148 (LBP129) – ROUND 1 – Business Idea Smackdown – Dan “Coconut Crusher” Andrews vs. Ian “Benjamins by Birth” Schoen

TMBA 148 (LBP129) – ROUND 1 – Business Idea Smackdown – Dan “Coconut Crusher” Andrews vs. Ian “Benjamins by Birth” Schoen post image

Dan’s bean bag sitting in Bali, intermittently nuking himself off the internet to make sure he gets his book taken care of on time while Ian’s in San Diego taking care of business like a boss.

After getting some inspiration from the Adsense Flippers, Dan and Ian decided to go for a knock down drag out four-rounder this week. They asked Taylor, the new guy on the team, to put together 4 unique business premises. Dan and Ian come up with unique solutions to each premise and it’s up to you guys to decide who came out on top.

Business Idea Smackdown

  • What Dan and Ian would do different if they could start over again today.
  • How to get from $0 to $3000/month ASAP.
  • How to go from freelancer to business owner. Getting out out of the time for money trade.
  • Two ideas you can Rip, Pivot and Jam on for cash money today.


Just The Tips

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Have fun. Leave a comment. Go make it happen! :)

Episode length: 37:03


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Published on 11.15.12
  • Bringatrailer=doing the lords work? snuck that one in there

  • After an intense 4 rounds I think the winner is anyone who takes time to listen to this episode! Great information, thanks guys!

  • Joseph Hughes

    Since Dan got a cheap shot in after the bell, I vote for a smackdown rematch.
    I love this format, some awesome ideas in here too.

  • Good stuff. Love the format, thanks for the mention. no time2writea longer cment.

  • Dan

    he’s serious about these cars.

  • Dan

    hey cool man i’ll get back toya

  • Dan


  • Dan

    haha! cheers

  • The distinction you made about being in a niche vs being in a market really shed some light on an area I’ve been struggling with. So much more gold in there, too much to name. Thanks guys!

  • Dan

    hey Thanks Jeremy, I was actually just reading an email from you! Coming up with some responses for TTR.

  • Thanks Dan and Ian, it is a fun episode, love it.

    About the two sites you have, why not just redirect this site to your tropicalmba site? So basically merge the two sites together? You can always keep the domain active but just redirect, no? Keeping two or more sites, seems a lot of work and also not consistent for branding as you mentioned. Just a thought.

  • Anonymous

    Loved the episode, guys! The debate/battle format is fun, eh? We really had fun with it and yours came out great!

    I loved Ian’s idea for a business marketplace…I think there’s quite a bit of opportunity there as well.

  • Dan

    Concerned about managing two different feeds off of one site. Seems tricky.

  • Dan

    yeah man super fun!!!

  • I see, so it is a toss up then. By the way, as always, I regularly listen to couple of podcasts and I must say that you guys podcast is THE best in terms of practical tips/education. There are a ton of “meat” in yours compared with other podcasts which are a lot of fluff.

  • Dan

    Thank you Jian! I’m on an anti-fluff diet. Have been for a few days now… ;)

  • LOL, keep up the good work!

  • here’s my scorecard :
    round 1 : 10-10
    round 2 : 10-9 crusher
    round 3 : 9-10 benjamins
    round 4 : 10-10

    But, due to an illegal strike after the final bell rung, the winner by DQ is Ian !

    Of course this leaves open the possibility of a rematch. And I would like to see The Crusher Dan vs The Fool Tim .
    But next time I want gimmicks and storylines and ring entrances and … Sorry I am pro wrestling fan . Couldn’t help myself . :)

    Great podcast , loved the concept.

  • Haha I came to comment on that exact part! I rewinded 4 times to make sure I was hearing right. Made me chuckle.

  • Ian

    The show is getting more funny, right?

  • Ian

    Bullshit Dan I’m more busy thn u

  • Ian

    Justin, I think you and Joe are right there man! I would love to see you guys go for it…

  • Ian

    thank you ilias for holding my hand up in the air and officially calling the winner!!

  • Tom Krawiec

    Dan’s idea sounds like the James Schramko Beast Machine. (and I agree!)


    Cool episode guys!

  • I stand for justice and right , Ian . :)

  • brad

    I really enjoyed this episode. Coincidentally I had just listened to the adsense flippers similar episode on Wednesday. It would be interesting to make it a recurring thing between different people in and out of your circle.

  • Dan

    that’s where I got that from!

  • Dan

    agreed! that was fun. Thanks for that Brad.

  • Dan


  • hahaha indeed :) nice validation me thinks. It works! (I also tried Ians idea…)

  • Dan

    So I would have won the round but likely DQ’d on further judges review for ripping off Schramko!

    Damn. Rematch.

  • I loved this one. I’ve listened to it twice already. So much meat and potatoes I’ve gained a few pounds already.

  • Dan

    haha… thanks Cristina, forgot to add veggies. huge oversight…

  • Royal Rumble up next?

  • Dan


  • CameronBenz

    So I just got to this podcast. And guess what domain was still available? :D thanks for the idea guys. Lol now, to figure out the execution!

  • CameronBenz

    P.S. you guys would be awesome on a network radio show. Just sayin.

  • Dan


  • Dan

    Cheers appreciate that ! :D

  • Kat

    I love you guys, I really do but I need an urban dictionary every time I listen. What is a rip or jam??

  • Dan

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