TMBA 097 (LBP87) – Post-Business School: The Things They Never Tell You

TMBA 097 (LBP87) – Post-Business School: The Things They Never Tell You post image

After waxing a little philosophic about education and career prospects, Dan and Ian dig into the things that no one ever taught them in any business class or course.

Listen to this episode and learn about:

  • Real risks involved in cash profit and how it flows like water
  • The Art of Entrepreneurship and how not to go crazy in your niche
  • A simple mathematic formula for getting the most out of your networking efforts
  • The value you add to your business and your role in that value
  • Universal truths about public opinion

Make sure to listen thru to the end for the one GMail hack that changed Dan’s life

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Episode length: 34:56


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Published on 01.19.12
  • Anonymous

    Another great podcast, fellas.

    In particular, I liked where you talked about how important it is to getting back to emails.  Whenever I step away from my computer, I find myself more likely to label/archive without having to respond.  The emails I thought were critical become much less so.

    Conversely…you’re absolutely right in that getting RIGHT back to clients looking for quotes is key.  Just the fact that you’re on the ball makes you a much more attractive option than the guys that wait 24-48 hours to respond.  Same with AR…when we’ve let people off the hook on getting caught up on payments they seem to be much less likely to do so in the future and will take advantage of extending the terms since you seem to be “weak” in that area.

    I’m NOT entirely sure I agree with you that you should be more willing to risk time than money once your business is up and running.  I definitely agree with the “high powered salesperson” example as often being a waste, but my concern is that if you have a higher profitable and repeatable model for your time you should probably be spending MORE of your time there.

    For example, you guys have a format and formula for podcasts that works.  Wouldn’t it be better to spend more time on that and PAY someone to build out a blog network?…something that is not proven and would take quite a bit of time for you to personally figure out?  Do you think your time would be better spent on figuring out how to build a blog network and doing it yourselves?  Maybe I misunderstood your point here.  I mention this comparison specifically because it hits close to home for us as well.

    Anyway, great thoughts/ideas here.

  • Dan

    It is amazing how a “weak” preception at A/R will effect your balance there. I’ve seen businesses slowly tank because of exactly that. Something we gotta improve a bit in our business. 

    Regarding podcasts/vs blog network totally agree with you there, it’s not a hard and fast rule…. we actually are working with David to get that done. The thing I was trying to point to was that moment when you spent a whole month building adsense sites with no proof it would work. i see a lot of entrepreneurs who would instead stick around and manage the core business and try and hire somebody to do that new stuff and i just see a lot of good businesses tank because of that….

  • Philosophers become bloggers. Bloggers become philosophers. And neither of them ends up making any money… :P

  • Dan

    haha, who needs money when you’ve got blogs!!! :D

  • Great Gmail shortcut tips, Dan. Here’s a nice one-sheet page to print out with the shortcuts:

  • Dan

    ah slick!!! thanks for taking the time to post that. 

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  • Dan

    oh shit! go ahead and hit SHIFT+?

    h/t Justin Hays

  • Dan

    oh shit! go ahead and hit SHIFT+?

    h/t Justin Hays

  • Hey guys, another great podcast, linked to it in my latest freelancing weekly:

    Might have to give the DC a try

  • Dan

    oh cheers Jeff thanks for the huge shout!!! if you don’t dig it in there we’ll refund your money, seems like you’ve got the right profile based on your site. 

  • Dan

    oh yeah we’ve never created transcripts for the show just because we can barely ge the thing live without them so we hesitate to do add more to our workflow! 

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