TMBA 241: "10 True Clients" Business Models

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This week we are going to replay one of our favorite episodes of all time, with a little bit extra thrown in for good measure. This episode has had a great impact on a lot of our listeners. Of all of the episodes we have recorded, this one has probably helped people improve their businesses the most.

Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • Why your mini-monopoly in brick and mortar won’t translate online, and what you can do about it.
  • Dan and Ian’s “Layering the Cake” model that multiplies your income from every customer.
  • How getting 100 people to pay you $1 per day can sometimes trump the 1,000 true fan model.
  • How to flip the triangle and transform clients into fans instead of fans into clients, and why that’s better for you.
  • A productized business as an approach to the 10 True Clients business model.

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Published on 04.24.14
  • love it guys! the Fab 10 focus. I’m in my 30s, and there’s something powerful about having a couple real close friends that know you in and out. Why not apply that to business?

    Hey Dan, heading to Amsterdam? I took Ian out for some beers. I still need to prove him wrong after the boo haa he’s speaking of this town! I’m biking around town like it’s 1996 while listening to Outkast….just saying whoaday :)

  • Hey guys, you know I am a huge fan of this episode (thanks for the shout-out in the new intro.

    I am living proof this shit works, productized services is where it’s at yo!


  • Good advice on getting clients.

  • Matthew Newton

    So happy you’re enjoying Spain. I’m massive on Spain, have done two stints there (4 months + 5 months) and see myself going back over and over.

    I was hoping that photo was of Spain as soon as I saw it.

    PS. How’s $2/day? (That’s the price of the productised service I’m building). Peace out!

  • Hey Dan, also happy to hear you liked it here in Barcelona. It was an awesome Junto we had with Alex.
    It would be great to have more DCers coming to Barcelona. It’s certainly not as cheap as Asia but the quality of life is hard to beat and the weather is so much better than in Berlin :)

  • Glad you published this episode again as it’s perfect timing for me. I thought it was great the first time, but didn’t quite realize how powerful it was because of my previous situation.

    Building a new site in a different niche where I’m concentrating on offering a service instead of going down the ebook route first, so it’s given me great motivation to aim for getting 10 clients per month through the door first.

  • to people reading this, agree with damian 100%.

    can’t believe how much i got out of two 30-minute (or was that 1 hour?) calls with this guy… (see my other comment in this post)

  • Dan, since you’ve made it that far, you gotta make a stop in Tangier, Morocco. Really enjoyed that city last December.

  • Dan, Barcelona is awesome. Go to El Quim in the La Boqueria and order the sautéed wild mushrooms with foie gras. Best thing I ever ate. Even though I am a health and fitness guy, I still make room for good food. Keep it real!

  • ahhh missed it this time! I defo will make it back to Barcelona, yeah that place isn’t the safest for my waist line but it’s totally worth it :D :D :D

  • cheers Kevin thanks for the heads up, next time for sure!

  • thanks Jamie I really appreciate that !!! Glad you dug it.

  • Hey Robert thanks so much for showing me around, was a real pleasure to run into you. See ya soon!

  • 2$ a day == awesomesauce :D Let me know when the sales page goes up would love to see it.

    The photo above is Munich airport!

  • thanks George, appreciate you listening!!!

  • thanks DT, think your thoughts on productized services adds a lot to the conversation. Looking forward to our 20K MRR conversation.

  • :D

  • hahaha we love Outkast :D No Amsterdam this time around but wouldn’t be surprised if we end up back there sometime this year!!!!

    Wish you the best with the biz and thanks for listening!

  • Thanks mate, that conversation can be had VERY shortly… :)

  • Matthew Newton

    hehe no i mean the photo in the post – looks like Spanish countryside

    Am going to be podcasting soon on 10 clients at $1000/m.

  • oh shit yeah you are right! that’s fast train from Barcelona to Madrid. Ping me the link if you remember when you publish that show, would love to hear it.

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