TMBA 216: Carnegie on How Young People Can Get Ahead in the World

TMBA 216: Carnegie on How Young People Can Get Ahead in the World post image

“Look out for the boy who has to plunge into work direct from the common school and who begins by sweeping out the office. He is the probable dark horse that you had better watch.” – Andrew Carnegie

Ever dream of changing your life and getting ahead in the world? Andrew Carnegie gave a speech to ambitious college students over 100 years ago outlining his best advice, and despite his poor understanding of search engine optimization, it rings just as true today. In this week’s podcast Ian and I go over Mr. Carnegie’s advice and relate it to our own experience.– you can read the full text here.


Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • What having no excuses has to do with supply and demand.
  • Why it’s so freaking important to know what you want.
  • Stop being so opportunistic – gamers need to go home.
  • Break the rules and serve the result, at all costs.
  • Why it’s virtuous to put all of your eggs in one basket.

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Published on 10.31.13
  • Haha, this episode was pretty deep, but I am thoroughly surprised that nobody through an “make ya say Uhhhh” – MP

  • JakeReed

    I give this show 2 figs!

  • Ian’s rendition of “make’em say ugh” needs to be made into a ringtone immediately! This episode was fig’n great!

  • Dan

    haha, not a bad idea!

  • Dan


  • Dan


  • These rap intro’s the past two episodes speak directly to my soul.
    BTW was listening to Master P’s “Ghetto D” album just last week. Such a classic. And I’m totally serious, too.

  • In this episode Dan & Ian gave themselves over to the most capricious of antics!

  • Dan

    :D yeah buddy

  • Dan


  • Ian

    Southern rap FTW

  • Dan

    Currently sampling Nappy Roots:

  • Ian at Love Affair Travel

    I give a FIG for this podcast! You guys are superstars. I’m really enjoying the new format, the new musical transitions and the meta-entrepreneur topics. Thanks guys.

  • Nice episode guys. Playing catch up in the TMBA here this morning. Loving the rap intros, I think most of your audience can relate to listening to some hippidy hop about making money…
    I am re-reading Think & Grow RIch which was Carnegie’s brainchild book to decipher the mindset and thinking behind what made people rich – written by Napoleon Hill back in the day. These guys were dropping bombs of knowledge 100 years ago that are all still relevant.
    I fully believe that it is the guy coming up from a poor background that you need to watch out for. When you spend hours working in a shitty or monotonous job thinking about how one day you are going to run something bigger and better, it creates a fire inside that never lets up. Some people born into money have it to, but when you had to work hard for every success, it makes you stronger and more ambitious.
    I noticed that you left out Carnegie’s continuing point about laying off the alcohol! I can see what he means and how it can effect your business. I even made a slur after a few JD’s and said LBP instead of TMBA Podcast to Dan at DCBKK (whoops) Prime example of why you should ease up on the whiskey in certain situations that relate to drinking+business.. But hey, I listen to a lot of DC Podcasts and made a genuine mixup of abbreviations!..

  • Dan

    thanks Ian I appreciate that !!!

  • Dan

    haha no worries there Adam loved getting a chance to talk show with you!!!

    You’ve got that hard work gene for sure man, Ian and I have traditionally been grinders too.

    We left out the alcohol point because who are we to talk! :P

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