TMBA 368: The 12 Days of an Entrepreneur's Christmas

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On this very festive edition of the TropicalMBA Podcast, Dan and Ian have decided to put their own spin on one of their all-time favorite holiday songs, The 12 Days of Christmas.

Their rendition is all about the 12 things that every entrepreneur is wishing for this year. So kick up your stockings, grab a cup of cocoa and enjoy this entrepreneurial take on a yuletide classic.

Make sure you stick around for the end though, as we have included a very special gift for the TropicalMBA listeners.


Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • Why we are wishing for a good accountant this year. (2:45)
  • Why we haven’t been listening to many business podcasts lately. (6:25)
  • What makes us think that 2017 could be the year of the E-residency. (11:40)
  • Dan’s big adventure that he has planned for 2017. (13:03)
  • A special holiday gift for the TropicalMBA listeners. (17:09)

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Dan & Ian

Published on 12.22.16
  • I’ve taken a lot of inspiration from the Tropical MBA in the development of my podcast. Different guests include a number AUDL owners, Bonin Bough (169), Taylor Pearson (46), and telemedicine innovator Dr. Matt Keener (151). Thankful this holiday season for how much I’ve learned from you, Dan and Ian.

  • Simon Huntley

    Podcasts.. have you listened to the latest season of Startup about the American Apparel guy? Fascinating.. I too have really bored of most of the business podcasts. I still think 10x talk is one of the best ones I listen to.

  • If you’re looking for personalized podcast recommendations, check out a cool new app:

    I’ve also blogged about some podcasts series I like:

  • Evaldas Miliauskas

    What happened to – on the 2nd day of Christmas doubling down on your new business idea? I always thought that’s how entrepreneur holidays looks like :) but not as fancy as GT3

  • jaserodley

    Porsche 911 GT3 RS, new bikes and the Pyrénées! You guys really get me. Happy Christmas and thanks for the show this year – looking forward to meeting in person at DCBCN 2017.

  • “On the second day of Xmas my business gave to me…..TWO MATCHING MX-5’s”!! Happy Holiday’s Dan & Ian.

  • Listen to my podcast! I may be several years behind you guys experience-wise, but I’m focusing on interviewing up-and-coming folks, not the “A-listers.” (I plug the DC towards the end of ep 22)

    Great job with the TMBA podcast this year, guys (and Jane).

  • YOOOO yehaw i’m on it.

  • cheers thanks hope you had a great one

  • haha cheers

  • fancier!

  • thank you!

  • cheers appreciate the recos

  • cheers thanks for sharing Aaron

  • Thanks for another great podcast. Your format and show is an inspiration for my own show where I document the journeys of entrepreneurs over time. As you mentioned in this show that you’re looking for fresh approaches and different guests to the usual ones out there. I’m interviewing struggling first-time entrepreneurs like I’m one myself.

    Maybe you find it interesting to be remembered how your journey started with a lot of self-doubt and misbelief — yet you pushed through to where you’re today!

    I wish you guys and your readers a happy new 2017! Most importantly, let’s stay mentally, physically, and emotionally healthy and help others to do so as we’re all in it together.

    Here is an episode I did with Simon Payne. Thanks to your interview with him, I reached out to him to thank him for his cool insights. We ended up chatting over Skype and agreed to cover a few other interesting insights on my show. Feel free to check out to:

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