TMBA 232: Is a College Degree Useful For Entrepreneurs?

TMBA 232: Is a College Degree Useful For Entrepreneurs? post image

In this week’s episode, I’m answering some listener submitted questions. I’ve invited Jimmy Hayes and Josh Weinstein back on the show to add their two cents as well, as we discuss whether or not a college degree is necessary for someone who wants to become a location-independent entrepreneur, among other topics.

Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • Why it’s important to build an idea of remarkability into your products.
  • How the really successful viral brands are the ones connecting emotionally with the market.
  • My go-to joke at a cocktail party.
  • Reasons why you should or shouldn’t be going to college.
  • Some alternatives to higher education for people who want to become location-independent entrepreneurs.

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Published on 02.20.14
  • Anon

    Thanks for your reply. I’ve been using the internet since the 90s and the main benefit for someone like me who grew up deaf/hoh was that it opened up a big world that was previously accessible by hearing (such as aural conversation, radio, even overhearing gossip). In those days, bandwidth was limited so most people favored text. Today, bandwidth has grown much larger, so people are starting to favor audio-only or video content. Which is fine, except that it renders it inaccessible.

    Chances are very good that a significant portion of your listeners have some degree of hearing loss. Even many children in school are found to have at least a mild degree of hearing loss that impacts their learning. Imagine how many adults have at least mild hearing loss that they are too embarrassed to admit. I’m suggesting that many more of your listeners (than just the deaf/hoh ones) may appreciate a transcript. Not to mention listeners for whom English is not their native language and would like to feed the transcript through a translation program.

    I did a quick price check on transcription services and if you’re willing to wait a week or so for the completion of the transcript, it could be as low as one dollar per minute. There could be better pricing.

  • Pat D

    “Guidance counselors are scum of the earth.” Haha. Funny enough in previous posts you guys spoke on the entrepreneurial value of sales skills above all else – couldn’t agree more. The guidance clowns at our university ended up disallowing us to promote the summer sales internship I was part of on campus. Apparently it was too close to the real world and the coffee schlepping resume builders were preferred. More than anything I believe university trains ideal employees and rule-followers for the major of majors. Great podcast!

  • haha sounds dangerous! :D totally agreed RE: overpriced and expensive

  • absolutely Pat, was just talking about that last night… the series of quizzes and tests and levels and this and that actually make us feel bad for doing things that others don’t ‘instantly’ grade as “A” moves… which of course if you are doing a small business you aren’t going to be pleasing anybody on day 1.

  • Michael J. Sieler Jr.

    What if you hired somebody to transcribe the podcasts, and then you could sell them to the Tropical MBA listeners?

  • Probably more work than it’s worth and doesn’t solve the problem that general listeners want them. I’ve got a quote request in to a few contractors.

  • Michael J. Sieler Jr.

    True. I figured if the OP wanted it so bad, they could make it happen themselves to prove that a market existed.

  • Zoe

    I’m not hearing impaired, just don’t have working speakers on my computer, and would have appreciated a transcript too. Bet there’s heaps more “visual” type learners that would prefer to read rather than listen.

  • Ryan Nagy

    I listened to this podcast expecting to get pissed off – I have an MA and an uncompleted PhD, I taught at several universities and I am one of those weird people who miss school and want to go back. In fact, my location-independent business makes it easier to go back and learn cool stuff. I recently took a Master’s level class in psychology, taught in Spanish and I rocked it.

    But, I must say your “rant” is spot on. Very well done. The whole certification nonsense, “give me my badge” bullshit, destroys a great deal of lives and time. And…though I am not going to find the research right now, in the field of psychotherapy there is evidence that certification leads to a lessening of ability. That is, people who become certified in various psychotherapeutic methods often have a DECREASE in their skill and ability to help people. AND – this might blow your mind – There is NO relationship between years of training and the ability to help people in the field of psychology. That is a person with an Masters is not more likely to be able to help someone than a person with an BA. And no, a PhD psychologist is NOT a better helper than someone with an MA or even a BA.

    Keep up the great work.


  • thanks Ryan appreciate the kind words.

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